Thursday, September 12, 2013

I can't be trusted to make my own decisions

My level of crazy has officially shot through the roof of River Tam level crazy.
Only I'm not graceful nor could I beat anyone up or defeat an army of Reavers.
So maybe just Amanda Bynes Meltdown crazy.

I am seriously debating one of two scenarios, both dealing directly with the current state of hair affairs. And they just so happen to basically be complete opposites.

I miss short hair and want to have another go at it. I like (really like) how it looked and I also wish to begin swimming often to get back into the healthy weight region but who wants to lug around 5 pounds of wet hair all day? Not Hope. And if you're about to say, "Swim caps!" to that I shall respond with, "Unless you want to come with me to the gym and put the cap on my head, stuffing my nearly two feet of thick hair up into it, then it ain't happening."
Tried. Hated. Swore off.
So we're looking at this...
(I'm the dope in pink)
(Also, good times)

(not my face.)

OR, I am so so so so so tempted to go full on River Song (I'm a fangirl for Rivers apparently)...

I told you.
You're all probably feeling a little like this (nun?) lady...

But you know how it is...

Obviously though I care enough to ask for opinions before jumping in headfirst without telling anybody.
So with that, what thinkest thou, O interwebz??
Oh, and another thing; I've mentioned before via social media my desire to go curly and had an outpouring of concerned souls demanding that I promise I wouldn't do perms because they ruin hair and you can do it just as easily with "product" from the grocery store. What is this magical product and how do I use it? And for your reference, I would never do a full on legitimate perm but more of a semi-perm. Something that fades with time and washing.
So that's my dilemma.

Oops, too far?


  1. I think it would look totally adorable short with some product to make it stick out like in your example pictures! (I'm a fan of River Song toooo)

  2. short hair yes. perm (even a demi perm) no. i made the mistake of perming my hair as a senior in high school... and it was horrible. not to say that you couldn't rock it... i just think short, straight hair is a much better option :)

  3. Much as I desperately covet River Song's hair (curse you hormones that killed my curls!) I also vote short.

  4. I guess I'm the only loser who votes long. Although short would definitely look cute too on you, obviously. I'm just a big fat sucker for long hair. I think it's all womanly and such.

  5. I am going to play devil's advocate for a perm, cause my hair was permed whole childhood and it is not ruined and I looked adorable. Meanwhile, I went in to get a short pixie cut like what you've posted as the short-straight hair... and ended up with the back of my head shaved and the top of my hair sticking up. For reference, look at the pictures of me in the hospital at JJ's birth. It was awful. My hair is thick and naturally rambunctiously curly though.