Thursday, September 19, 2013

More Spoiled Complaining

Today's the daaaay!
The sun is shining, I cleared a gigantic space, and we are getting a piano!

I have to take checks to the bank (because payday).
I have to buy groceries to make a side for the office potluck tomorrow.
I have to go to choir tonight.

ALL WONDERFUL THINGS. But taking so much time away from the fact that after a year and a half I will finally be able to play on a really good piano again.
Cuz here's the thing; piano is my therapy.
Like, legit.
I kind of need it.
But the problem with that is my therapy is kinda between me and the piano. Like, you could say I know plenty of people who also own pianos, and there are billions of church buildings with pianos, go play on those! Sneak into the practice rooms at the colleges and play those if you need it so badly! (Disclaimer: don't mess with the practice room system. MUSIC MAJORS WILL CUT YOU.)
But if we're taking this therapy thing seriously, that's basically like saying, "Well here, I have a therapist talk to them," or, "Just have your therapy session at the mall, with all the humans, no big deal."
Big deal.
So as much as playing on any ole piano is great, it's not what really let's me de-stress.
Eleanor Sivan is credited with saying, "I tell you a secret about Chopin, piano is his best friend. More. He tells piano his secrets."
GAIZ. That's me. I'm no Chopin, but I definitely have that relationship with the piano. My piano. This is the piano that I learned and grew on. It's the piano that got me through the roughest part (so far) of my life. It has my worst times, and my best times woven deep in that wood. I know it's sounds, I am accustomed to it's feel.
It is my oldest, dearest, most cherished friend.
I enjoy naming inanimate objects/possessions for the sake of being silly. Our truck is named Gunter, Mark's car is Marvin, and my blue jetta is Benji. But I've never been able to pick a name for the piano or even assign a "gender" because seriously, that piano is basically just an extension of my own soul.
And it's being moved into my house today. 

How I feel about being stuck at work today. Let me out!!

This day is FOREVER.

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