Wednesday, January 22, 2014

My Very Own Princess 'Do

Keepin' with the "Princess" theme here, because nothing else of interest is happenin' least, that I want to write about yet. #intrigue

So! I chopped my hair off. Yes, yes I realize the photo of myself that I have stamped on this blog is a picture of my hair as it was a couple years ago...short. But not to worry, I will pleasure you with the before and after pictures I uploaded to instagram so do not fret. But I'm also giving you the story of how it happened that day (um, yesterday) so shutup and sit tight. (Just kidding, I love you, don't be mad.)

Monday night my husband got an email that our red-eye flight to NY had been cancelled because the east coast is living in a perpetual Day After Tomorrow loop and I guess that makes flying dangerous? (hint: sarcasm) Because that complicated our lives unnecessarily, we both ended up taking Tuesday off to come up with a plan B and sit on the phone for hours to get in touch with an airline representative to get our flight changed because our confirmation number no longer turned up anything on the website.

Our flight has successfully been changed to Friday night, so as long as Elsa can contain her temper tantrum, we should be out there by the end of the week.
We then went to the post office to pick up the title that the car dealership out in New York had sent us because apparently mailmen don't bother knocking anymore. On our way back home, I was simmering in anger at the state of static my hair was in and general frustration with my long hair.
Mark said, "Cut it."
I said, "Okay."
And I called Great Clips to inquire about donating and appointments.
They don't do appointments, but wait time was very short and there was a location within a mile from our house and suddenly I felt very nervous. An excited nervous, but still nervous nonetheless. I skimmed through my hair pins on Pinterest to find one that I really, really liked and would want on my own head.
I took my before pics...

Shout-out to my makeup for being blessedly cooperative.
And then I forgot about starting a load of laundry before I left and skipped merrily on my way to drastically change my hair.
I turned the wrong way down the street and contemplated the meaning...maybe it's a sign!
It wasn't. Cuz that's stupid.
I got to the salon, checked in, sat down to continue reading "Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire" and promptly felt better. Until the lady sitting one chair away from me got up and moved across the room in a huff as if I'd personally ruined her entire day by existing. Apologies, madame. Have a cookie and a hug.
A nice and bubbly stylist brought me back to a chair and asked, "What are we doing today?"
I replied that I'd like to donate and showed her the picture of what I wanted for the end result.
Her eyes got wide and she gasped, "Oh! We're going short!"
She pulled the mane back and tied it with a rubber band, proceeding to hack at it with bright, metallic rainbow scissors. It wasn't going well. The stylist next door leaned in to laugh a little at the absurd amount of hair she was trying to cut through and he suggested using the electric shears to saw at it. While more painful at times, it definitely went quicker.
She proceeded to take a razor to the ends and scrape away more and more of my hair. When she was snipping away to bring out the layers she mentioned, "Do you remember Mandy Moore? When she got her hair cut?..." I nodded excitedly in agreement, "This looks just like that! It's so cute!"
The stylist next door chimed in again, "You kind of remind me of her, too!"
Stahp gaiz, you're making me blush!
She's only the actress who voiced my favorite Disney princess, no big.
Every time she snipped more off, she gushed about how cute it looked on my face. We both agreed that a little bit longer cut than in the picture I brought was better for me. She thinned it out a little so the ends would lie a little closer to my head. She fluffed it up with a wax product (?) and then I was done! I was (and am) absolutely thrilled with the results. I went up to the counter to at least pay my tip, since the cut was free because I donated, but they smiled at me and said I was good to leave.
Mark was duly impressed and I proceeded to take a few pictures to post to instagram...

I didn't even know my phone could do that ^
A multitude (and by multitude I mean three)* of my [very kind] friends proceeded to make the observation that I looked like Rapunzel at the end of the movie...when Flynn uses his last bit of dying strength to save Rapunzel and free her from the clutches of Mother Gothel and omg feeeeels.
Needless to say, it was an exciting day being likened to both Mandy Moore and Rapunzel.
I got the laundry started and we finally worked up the gumption to take down our christmas tree. Guess what guys. A dried up tree is a messy tree. I wish I'd taken pictures of how many needles were left on our carpet by the time we were done ripping the ornaments and lights off of it, it was cray. But now we know, our vacuum is a dung bucket of failure.
So! New hair, no christmas tree, and endless possibilities ahead, the year of 2014 has officially begun and already broken in the Adventurous.

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