Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Goodbye World

We are literally about to be bombed by big brother. Kaboom is coming.
There was an inappropriate iphone voice texting situation happening and the discussion of big brother came up and that as long as the phones have battery "they" can tap in and listen.
So everybody began speaking to the backs of their iphones;

"I love America, and [our company] and my family."


"I love America and would love to be a citizen."

"[Dude in the office] is an irish terrorist."

"Do not revoke green card."

"[Other dude] has connections to the Cartel."

"Please don't make me leave."

Other things that I'm not willing to disclose on my personal blog.

"HR is up there listening to everything right now." (referring to me)

"I love women's rights and equality."

I can only assume there's a missile headed our way right now.

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