Thursday, July 25, 2013

Too Long for a Status...

Please validate that I can feel weird about this.
There's a rep that calls in to the office every now and again and the first time he called there was a moment between us over the fact that my name is "Hope".
Moments usually happen with my name and it's honestly never bothered me. I like my name and I give everyone their courtesy first-time "hope" joke and after that it better be clever, because I'm not obligated to laugh anymore.
But this guy had a special connection; apparently he had an ex-girlfriend whose name was Hope. But it didn't end at "oh funny, I knew someone named Hope once...." he went on to say, "I'll bet you're beautiful and have dark brown hair." Brunette IS the second most prevalent hair color in the US, so good job on that sir, you're being creepy.
When I asked for a name to hand him off to the appropriate employee here at our office he exclaims,
"Hope! You know this your Beau!"
I laughed it off politely and quickly put him on hold. Beau is a legitimate name and I had no reason to believe the guy had lied to me about his name, but turns out his name is actually Andrew.
It's been a couple months and he has never, not once, introduced himself as "Andrew" to me on the phone. If my coworker hadn't figured it out I would still think his name is "Beau" because every time I answer he starts off with "Heeeeey, this is your Beau..." in this syrupy voice that suggests we have this connection via inside joke.
Today, however, he completely lost me when I reciprocated his query as to how I was doing and he replied, "Oh can't complain, I was dead but now we're both alive and breathing so it's good!"
Or something along those lines, I can't remember exactly what he said because it was so bizarre!

It's completely harmless and I'm not worried or feeling harassed or anything like that. He's funny and it's nice to get a phone call that feels relatively personal amongst the other blurringly dull phone calls that come in all day long.
I just feel like that's not a very normal, typical interaction over business lines, amirite?

In other news....

So if you receive this, now you know.

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  1. Oh weird!! So glad it's not MY Andrew being weird in the office hahaha