Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Sewing Hints (for future self)

I started a DIY project last night on a whim.
My whim was poorly founded in hopes and dreams rather than ability and competence.
But I haven't given up.

I am striving to make my own maxi dress using a "tutorial" I found on Pinterest (yay, now I'm a confirmed white-newly-married-mormon girl, revel in the discovery my dear readers). But I applied my own twist to it using fabric I had readily available and turns out fitted sheets are the total opposite of user-friendly.
I'll letcha know if it works out.
If not...this post will fade into oblivion and all will be none the wiser.
Just kidding, I'll probably share my failures so you can learn and not be burdened with the headache I currently am sporting. I'm a giver.

I'm actually doing some research so maybe I'll know things before I've already cut too much, or nearly permanently attached two pieces with my overly zealous sewing capabilities. Seam ripping is not my favorite. (That's a half-lie. I actually really enjoy the act of seam-ripping but I hate when I have to do it because I messed up.) So! The only convenient and memorable place I can think to keep all this "research" is here in a blog post.
(I first typed blop gost and I think I'll hafta make another post with my "blop ghost" creation....more on that TBA)

Good to know, right? Sewing is ridiculous. You'd think "I have these two pieces of fabric, I can just smack them together and sew a straight line right? How can that be hard?"
And then it is.
Hard, I mean.
Which makes me feel like a loser for not being bamf enough to just be like, "BOOM. Finished. I am the master seamstress." But it makes me feel better that there are dozens of pinstrosities and so many tutorials and I'm not the only one that struggles at the needle.
Wish me luck with this dress and my risky creativity to try and salvage the project.

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