Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Sorry (totally) NOT Sorry

Raise of hands, who wants to lounge in their pj's, hair in a top knot, bowl of Bliss chocolates resting comfortably in their lap and enjoying a superheroes movie marathon with me this weekend? Because that's all I want from my life right now.

Somebody help our friend here off the muscle-machine. Enter Hope, "I VOLUNTEER!!"

Oh, here sir, lemme take that shirt off your hands for you. No really, it's no problem. 


Close enough, the shirt is in the process of coming off.

Mark Ruffalo has a rockin' bod and apparently makes such good use of it, I am unable to scour google for the warehouse scene in Avengers after he crashes Hulk style. So that intense face must suffice for now. Holy NSFW batman.

Speaking of whom....

Scruffy facial hair; 10 POINTS TO GRYFFINDOR

Another scruffball, with an unfortunate dilemma of me having never seen the "Wolverine" movie...

Looks like the beginnings of an excellent Salsa routine there.

And finally, the other man whom I have not had the pleasure of witnessing his performance as of yet...

As far as I'm concerned, they got rid of the lucha libre panties so in the realm of character-looks-decisions they coulda done just fine leaving the beard for the whole thing.
Also, rain is always a plus.
Maybe he was doing laundry. Maybe that's extremely attractive.

I leave you with our final main man in a gif that I could honestly stare at for hours. It's like free creeping without the chance of them feeling your burning stare and turning to look.


  1. AHHHHHH!!! PICK ME! I LOVE superhero movies and Man of Steel - AMAZING! I loved it so much!

    1. Um, kay but for realzies. How has it taken this long for us to meet. I feel like so much of my life could've been made being friends with you earlier x]