Friday, August 17, 2012

Woes of the Job Hunting Persuasion

Real quickly now because I'm frustrated I'm not a genius.
Listen, universe, you can't describe the timed questionnaire portion of a job application as

"Look at these set of numbers
2 4 6 8
and choose the next in the sequence"

Omg, it's like, 10 right? I think? Doy.
Ooh, or this one

"Which of these words is not like the others?
Brown Poop Stick Unicorn"

Basic first grader nincompoop junk.
And then stick mind blowing nonsense into the real one with a ticking time bomb of death blinking away at the top of the page!

"Pick the next number in the sequence
1.77 7 3/5 2034 -3"

I think I'll just start crying now. Save some time and effort here.

"A term used to describe the 
determined goal of a group or family

S K L Q"

Someone please tell me where my brain's ability to recognize a term by the first letter of the word is gonna be useful when I'm restocking wax flowers in a bin at the craft store. Please.

Or again

"Which of these words is not like the others?
 Hesitate Vacillate Dither Ameliorate"

Yeah, I actually wasted a few seconds of my ticking clock to copy and paste those words cuz I knew I was bombing that test like the US on which my brain is Hiroshima. I mean, I definitely know Hesitate and Dither but what the crap?!
Vaccinate and amelia earhart? 
Or something??

Most stressful thing of my life.

ps- Please don't judge me. plzthxbai.

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