Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Needs to be said...

Never Been Kissed.

Never been my own eyes. At least, until today. And now I'm slightly bewildered.
First of all, beyond middle school, none of my male teachers were ever that young and/or attractive. That should be a rule in and of itself. If you're young and attractive, no you may NOT work where hormonal idiots verging on the legal age reside. Because society is stupid and humans have no morals anymore.
Secondly, if I had a teacher that walked me around school and sat by me on benches and on ferris wheels holy smokes talk about creepy.
Yes, yes I know she wasn't really 17 and "legally" nothing was wrong with the situation but if a story like that came on the news EVERYTHING would be wrong with that situation.
I feel so bad for that guy cuz he must've been convinced he was some kind of pervert. And good for him for admitting that he shouldn't have said, "Guys will be lining up for you" or whatever but DUDE. Get out of the small, restraining, trap of a bucket that is the ferris wheel car and stop being your student's friend.
I know it was supposed to be romantic and they were drawn to each other despite the MORAL AND LEGAL issues at stake but I really just couldn't get past it. It ruined the movie for me. I'm sorry but you just don't slow dance with your English teacher. At prom. When you're the prom queen. Especially not with all that sexual tension.
But I really do love Molly Shannon.
I dunno.
It was good. I guess. Weird. Uncomfortable.



  1. Lol. Saying "you're too attractive to teach" is like saying "you're too white to be an electrician."
    And that's fucked up.
    It's like you have rules for love:
    You can only love in this age group.
    You can only love these physical characteristics.
    You can only love these personality traits.
    And any love outside of that is not love at all but irrational hormones and delusional thinking.

    Who are you to tell someone who they can and cannot love?
    What right do you have to tell someone their love is wrong?

    Have you ever illegally fallen in love? Have you ever fallen in love with someone you knew you shouldn't love? Have you ever stopped analyzing and calculating what's right, what's wrong, what's true, what's just and let your feelings BE?
    You can't put limits on love. You can't say "that man is nineteen years my senior and therefore undeserving of my love" or "that man's eyes aren't shiny enough and his hair not rich enough for me to love him."

    You can't tell a couple "it is IMMORAL for you two to be together," regardless of age or sexual preferences.

    What if I told you, "it is wrong for you to get married without gaining the required experience of at LEAST three different boyfriends, first"?
    Hopefully, you'd reply with "it's not for you to tell me what is right and what is wrong in MY OWN LOVE LIFE."

    You put so many restraints on love, no wonder you have such little faith in society...and apparently man himself.

    Love is, "this man is aged, awfully skinny, with wrinkles and grey hairs and we look absolutely RIDICULOUS together, but i am the spark in his eyes and my heart is captivated by him regardless."

    Love is boundless and uncontrollable and can pop up anywhere, anytime, with any person, in any form. That's what this movie is trying to portray.
    I fucking looOOoove Never Been Kissed. I watched that movie countless times as I was growing up because of what it teaches about love.

    Have your opinions. Love like you, and only you, love. But do not tell people that there is only one right way to love. Do not accuse people of loving wrongly. Rejoice in all kinds of love. Let me enjoy an afternoon at the mall, hand-in-hand with my 35-year-old boyfriend who loves and respects me, without the burden of your judging death stares raining on my rare, unique, and private love parade that does not involve you in the slightest.

  2. I'm very sorry to have offended you. That's definitely not what I was going for here. I don't even know if this comment will ever get to you but it's bothersome to me that my words hurt and/or upset someone that, like you say, doesn't involve me in the slightest.
    I was not trying to say that they could not be ALLOWED to love. My point was that there are bad people in this world and teachers need to have boundaries and guidelines. It is inappropriate for an adult teacher to lead a minor around school, single them out and be friendly with them.
    I thought the love story was great. Beautiful, even. But the actions and behavior of the english teacher, in the real world not a rom-com, was not great. Or beautiful.
    Yes, that is my opinion. No, I am not declaring it the one rule of the universe that everyone must uphold. This is my own blog and I reserve the right to blab about a movie I watched that struck a certain chord.
    I'm sorry that it clashed with your beliefs.
    I hope all's well with your 35 year old boyfriend at the mall :)

  3. Lol. I agree with you. Teacher's have a responsibility with their students they need to uphold and I do believe it is wrong for the two to be involved.
    But it's a romcom, not meant to be taken overly seriously.
    I don't have a 35-year-old boyfriend, anymore.
    But I've been in a few serious relationships with men anywhere from 3 years to 19 years older then me and it is not the disgusting tragedy so many people are quick to judge it to be. That is the only chord of mine that has been struck.
    Babble endlessly, as much as you want.
    And if you're a lover of romcoms, some of my favorites are 50 First Dates, John Tucker Must Die, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and The Science of Sleep. You might enjoy some of them if you haven't already seen them.
    Happy Blogging <3

  4. Too true. shouldn't take movies too seriously.
    And i love 50 first dates! One of the few Adam Sandler movies I can actually stand. Haha.

  5. Wow, that was intense. Like it was previously stated: it was just a movie... And her opinion of the Movie...

    In any case, I agree with you Hope! My mom would never let me watch Never Been Kissed, and one time when I stole'd it away to the back bedroom to watch while I cleaned the bathroom, my mom caught me and got really mad but didn't really explain or punish me. I think it was just awkward.