Monday, August 13, 2012

In which I have too many opinions....

No disrespect or nuthin', but aren't we done with the
teenager angst and wonder and loneliness drama?
Well actually this looks really tasteful and entertaining
and even meaningful.

This looked normal and wasn't.
And I'm very upset it's rated R
because it seems intensely intriguing
and I wanna see it!
Boo :(

One word:
Sexiest black man that can 
make me cry my eyes out with
any performance.

Keira Knightley again.
Mostly, this makes my itching to
read the book far more irritating.
Leo Tolstoy, ftw.

Ohhh, my heavens.
Bradley Cooper paired with
Jennifer Lawrence.
As mentally unstable maniacs.
Do you get any better?

K, "spoiler" but all the trailer entails is
a boy and a tiger stranded out at sea
with the tiger dominating the boat.
Cuz he'll eat the kid.
But the emotional connection had me
quite nearly in tears.

Seriously, now?
I thought the point of 
The Expendables
was that it was the quote-unquote
"Last Hurrah"
for all those manly men to be....
manly men again.
Before they prune and shrivel up
in the nursing home.
C'mon, now.

And on an ending note:
Birthday movie, much?
I think so!


  1. I will go see all of year movies with you. Seriously all of them!

    Silver linings playbook Might kill me though. I just love Jennifer and Bradley too much. ;)

  2. All of these movies**

    Stupid auto text.