Sunday, August 19, 2012

I think I'm a witch*

How wonderful is it to be married, you ask? It goes a little like this...

Your sweet husband agrees to 
PIANO lessons!!

You sit down with him
and start going through flash cards.

Flash cards that you took forever to
cut out of cute paper and write carefully.

He catches on so quick and you're
super excited and proud of 
his brain.

And then it's not perfect anymore.

He gets confused by all the
sharps in F# major.

You discuss.

He says you are being "mean".

You say you're being "passionate".

There are tears.
(I blame the birth control)
And curses bemoaning the name of

More discussing.
And explaining and apologizing.
Lots of making up.

And then it's time for dinner.
Teriyaki Mahi Mahi.

You take a moment to read
a beautiful engagement story
(it's UPtastic)
and then suddenly!

He's standing before you 
sipping on a Dr. P
offering you some.

But the only Dr. P can
you know of,
is THE one you placed in the fridge
To save.
So it would get cold.
For later.

offers can
"Oh, I don't want it yet."
offers can with sad puppy eyes
"I don't want it yet!"
takes sip
Is that the can that I put
in the fridge??!"

.....takes another sip.
Really right now?
After I'm already emotional
and been crying
you're going to drink
MY Dr. P right in front of my face?
Without asking?"

leans down
"I put the whole box
of Dr. P in the fridge."

Well okay then."

"It wouldn't have
been ok if I hadn't done that, huh?"



Don't mess with the ladies' Dr. Pepper. Seriously.
I'm going to be the worst pregnant wifey. Please don't hate me!

*And by "witch" I don't mean "witch". It just rhymes and I'm family friendly as well as not a general user of strong language. So "witch", it is.

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  1. Seriously, it's stories like this that make me love marriage.

    For me it's like, when my friends get engaged and married my immediate reaction is "WHAT?! Why?! They have their whole life ahead of them!" And I turn to my husband and start complaining and then realize... I'm married! It's wonderful. I'm not forgetting because I'm unhappy or bored, I'm forgetting because it's so natural and normal. I love it, I don't have to tip-toe around anyone, or be anything other than me, and this poor sucker agreed to spend the rest of his life with me!

    Also, believe me, hubby will be forgiving when you're pregnant.