Monday, August 6, 2012

A wild Creativity Spurt appears!

But seriously.
I like to do artsy/crafty things. I like to doodle and draw and push paint around with a brush. I like to bake yummy sugary things that dirty up every last pot and pan I own.
I also like to play sports.
But that doesn't mean I'm any good.
In fact, I probably like to do too many things and that's why I can't get much more than amateur at any of them. At least they're all fun.
Isn't fun the best thing to have?

So today, when I was hugging my husband goodbye as he left for work, the spam can we keep on the kitchen counter to hold little random tidbits of stuff (paper clips, safety pins, screws, razor blades, etc.) caught my eye and I realized how ugly and tacky it looked. Seated next to all the careful decorating and cleaning I've done to this place within good ole 2012 that spam box was sitting there with folded arms, taunting me.
And I had an idea.
Everyone has seen those pins on Pinterest where you pretty much cover every and any surface with cute material, or paper or the nearest picture of your children/husband/slobbering pet. If you haven't, I guess you are one of those rare humans left with an actual life beyond the four corners of a computer screen. Congratulations for stickin' it out so long. Kudos.
I'm not, though. Especially through this past summer. I'm too excited for school and work to start again. I know my enthusiasm isn't gonna last nearly long enough.
So I grabbed the spam can and ran to my craft room (that also doubles as my center for music with our electric keyboard and harp crammed in one corner, actually pretty much in the closet).
On a sidenote, Owl City's Sky Sailing radio on Pandora is pretty much the best channel for "channeling" (geddit?) creativity that I know of.
So here's how I revamped our little spam can into a more aesthetically pleasing counter-top junk holder.

I used a razor blade to scrape
off the Spam wrapper.
I left most of the sticky stuff though.
Figured it'll help keep what 
I added on.

I measured from the top of the can
to the bottom.
It was a little more than 3 in
so I cut a full 3 inch strip
off the scrapbook paper.

It was a little too big (because of the rim)
so I trimmed until I liked the fit.

I then used 
"Aleene's" Quick Dry tacky glue
and squeezed stripes along the
corners and one in the middle
of the sides.

As you can see, I put rubber bands
on the can to hold the paper
down while it dries.

True to name, the glue dried
really fast!

I'm lucky and the line where the wraparound meets is pretty close to matching the pattern. Woot. As per usual, accidentally succeeding. I thought about going crazy and adding some flowers or buttons or ribbons but it was kinda difficult to get the colors to match so that fell through pretty quick. Hah.

Now I'm gonna go sift through my closet and see what I have that comes anywhere close to Disco/70's attire. Themed parties; I love 'em!! 

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