Monday, August 20, 2012

Tell me if I succeed...

Because you'll know why in a minute.

me: sounds intriguing
what's the thing that helps your computer run smoothly.
Is that the video card?

Mark: im not exactly understanding your question

me: Oh just still wondering why my laptop is getting worse and worse with keeping up with life. It's all slow and glitchy.

Mark: well for 1, probably needs to be restarted more often
and 2 yes, combination of video card and CPU is what makes it run, and the fact that they are both old makes it hard to keep up with all the new apps and stuff.

me: mkay
just wondered

Mark: to blog about it?


Mark: ok
i was just wondering
(btw it wouldnt have cared if you were)

me: I'm pretty sure my laptop doesn't care about anything ;P
I just don't know how I'd turn "My video card is old and sucky" into an interesting blog post...
...Barney comes to mind, "Challenge accepted!!" rising from the booth.

Mark: Haha
I just thought you would blog about our annoying experience yesterday with it

me: ...with the laptop??
ermmm, what happened?
Was it interesting?

[edit: I came back and fixed all that up there.
The rest is still messed up cuz I'm lazy.]

Annnnd, now I'm stuck here. In teeny font?? What is going on?!
Ok, now that I can fix. Bizarro.
So yes. My poor laptop is beginning to lose marbles rather slowly. But surely. I'm scared that when I publish this it's going to look even more crazy than it does here in the draft arena. That seems to happen to my posts a lot. I type 'em out and have it formatted the way I want, with fonts and sizes and indents and such.
And then randomly the sizes are completely different and my indents end up halfway across the page. My computer is about as reliable as B.E.N.

And not nearly as charismatic, charming, and/or hilarious. 
I could use my actual computer, yes, buuuut actually all of our electronics are still littering the family/dining room from the LAN party a couple nights ago. It's a lot of wires and things to plug back in. Booo.

THINGS are happening!
I quit the upcoming musical that I was going to be a part of, as the original cast. Bummer. Alas, living in this apartment is getting expensive what with it being the surface of the sun outside and all and my itsy bitsy hours at the high school aren't going to provide much to live on.
So a second job it is! ....somehow. As of today I've applied to (if I can remember)...
  • Michael's (shenanigans! I hate your application process!)
  • Kohl's (snobby website wouldn't even allow my app to be seen by human eyes. I automatically wasn't "what [they're] looking for". RUDE.)
  • Walmart (because I've missed it OH, SO MUCH)
  • Mountainside Fitness
  • Fitness Works
  • PetSmart
  • Petco
  • Animal Kingdom (obviously the ideal situation would be one of the last three)
  • Spirit Halloween
  • Buckle (A for effort...)
  • I thought about being a Pizza Hut delivery driver. Then I remembered I have standards. (For pizza, not necessarily the job.)
  • Oh, and I'm also selling my opinions. 
I'm so sick of my life history. I'm also totally boring. 
I completely screwed up the entire Mtnside Fitness paperwork because I was so auto-piloted by all the online, electronic forms I'd filled out that I kept switching around where information was supposed to go with what my brain just assumed was gonna go there. So that application sorta looks like a 5 year old got bored in church and happened upon a pen and paper. (Not really, but there is one section that has at least 3 very unattractive scribbles obscuring my maturity.)
All in all, it's gonna be a miracle if I actually turn into an adult and make it successfully through a semester. Throw a few well wishes my way, if you please. 
In other, happier news; my best friend gets to move into her and her hubby's first HOUSE within a couple weeks!! 9 days to be exact. It's been a horrifically long and arduous process for them and I'm just so so so excited.
Excited to help paint and decorate and go to all the fabulous parties I know she's gonna throw. If anyone was born to be a hostess it's Allora. You should try her oreo truffles. Or actually don't. More for me. 
And if you've got truffles then anybody's gonna be happy in your home so...boom, baby.

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  1. I hear ya on the job hunting, and life is expensive! We've been married about a year and a half. I promise that it gets easier!