Tuesday, May 22, 2012

I do believe in fairies! I do!

I guess it's high time for another round of honeymoon stories :) Considering I've only done one post on it. I was totally convinced I'd talked about it previously, considering I think about it all the time and of course I always blog what I think about right when I think about it.........
So I guess last time we went through favorite moments.
Now...I dunno. I'll just upload pics and talk. Good plan.

We went to the Aquarium!!
I'd been there before, considering
my sister used to live seriously maybe 10
minutes away from the site.
But Mark hadn't! :D

Nom nom suction cuppy thingies
(ooh, ooh! New joke I only just heard yesterday;
Why does the little mermaid wear seashells?
eh? eh?
Because she couldn't fit into
D-shells! xD)
(I laughed an absurd amount in the middle
of the breakfast aisle at baby walmart.
Sad, I know)

Hawlo, there! 
I know it's not really as cool as I think it is,
but I just love that between the camera and his face,
there's actually a huge tank of water
and all sorts of bizarre
aquatic biology.
So amazing!

As a matter of fact,
I did know my husband is 
SUPER attractive.

As well as I knew that
I am a dork.

I love the otters so much,
I'm including them again.

Baby otter noming!
Oh, I would just die if I could ever touch one.
Or at least sob in complete ecstasy.

Sorta like this...

Ellen has got to be one of THE most entertaining show hosts...of all time. Seriously. I hardly ever come across a video from her show and get bored. 

Let's take just a minute and reflect on how absolutely beautiful and perfect our honeymoon location was, shall we?

It seriously felt like a fairytale world.
Perhaps aided by our similar
desert rat upbringing.
Rain sticking around for weeks on end?
Rain lasting all day long?
Smells and green and a bright sun
you don't feel piercing right through your skin?
Plus those magical, overgrown steps.

I'd say we had a jolly good time :)

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