Monday, April 30, 2012

I'm gonna have to start a little mini-series for this whole wedding and honeymoon thing. No way could I give it even .003% justice trying to do it all in one post.

So, firstly. Favorite moments on the honeymoon :)


Why, yes. Our car did break down in the middle of the highway only 5 or 6 hours out on the trip. Such lovely times. Actually, the car more of fell apart rather than broke down. We heard a strange "ka-CLUNKka!" sound and the dude driving behind us swerved like a dead body had just catapulted out of our trunk. And so, that warped and twisted piece of metal you see him holding? We discarded that on the side of the road and went on without it. Hah! So lucky that he knows what he's doing with these silly automobiles.


So Mark had done some research as to touristy spots we should visit and he was keeping this one a surprise from me. We headed out and I went berserk with the camera. But when we pulled into the drive for wherever-we-were-going we came upon that stretch of puddle there. The measuring sticky thing said it was a little more than a foot deep. We decided we couldn't chance it :( We ended up checking back with this place 3 times over the next couple days until finally, we just decided to GO FOR IT!
Well, not after I'd gotten out, found a huge long plank of wood (like, taller than me plank) and used it to try to feel out into the puddle to see if it really was that deep. Mark got out too and while we were fiddling around like a pair of sillies these two cars (similar size to us) went barreling through. One was a park ranger car. We stood there for a second feeling stupid but went cheering and running back to the car...
This is what happened;

We were very excited to finally be headed somewhere we both really wanted to go. Mark had eventually told me what it was, when it looked like we maybe couldn't make it.
But we did it! We got to hike through the infamous Fern Canyon. Where you can find herds of elk right off the path...

And many Ferngully moments...

If you've never read (/sigh, or seen) Ferngully then begone with ye! Jk, I still love you. But seriously. Robin Williams is a psychotic fruit bat and it's about saving the rainforest starring teeny tiny pretty fairies. What's not to love?


My dear husband isn't much of one for taking pictures but this here beaut is one I never would have without his help. It makes me laugh each and every time, his little face poking out there in the corner xD


Looks pretty creepy, eh? We thought so, too. In fact, we were just waltzing along amidst the ginormous trees and various foliage when randomly I glanced to my right and saw that gaping mouth of ominous blackness. I pointed it out excitedly to Mark and we had a little 5-year old in a cornfield moment of "OMG we're explorers for realzies now". I wanted to go check it out and see what was inside but the closer I crept to the cave the more timid and safety-conscious Mark got. I eventually let him talk me out of going to see what was inside (alright, I was afraid a monster bear would come out and eat me, too) and we continued along the hiking trail. Turns out, about 3 yards ahead the trail zig-zagged back and goes, you guessed it...

Right in front of the doom cave. We laughed so hard and I teased him the rest of the trip about it. 


Remember that whole "Explorers for Realzies" thing I mentioned? Well we totally are...

It was really exciting, not gonna lie. 

and finally, #6

Also on the beach, Mark found himself easily entertained for (I kid you not) probably around 5-6 minutes...

He's a silly one. And that's why I'll keep him around :) Plus many other things such as he's an awesome cooker of breakfast things (which I am not) and he fixes anything and everything and he makes me laugh. And if that's not enough, well the beard is pretty awesome. C'mon, admit it. It is.

Yay for love!! 

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  1. I love the fact that mark is wearing sandles. Foot wear of champions ;-)