Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Here I Am....Again

There are good ideas, and then there are bad ideas...
I can clue you in on one of those ideas that are more on the badder side.

Go ahead and decide "I'm gonna do it! I'm gonna start exercising and I'm gonna do it now!"
So you search Netflix and turns out, they have a six 10-minute series of Kickboxing Boot Camp videos.
Commence exercise.
Realize 16-18 minutes later that you fail and are so hardcore out of shape it's sad.
Flop on the floor and breath like a rhino in labor.

Flash forward 10 minutes...

Go outside to see how the hunny is doing working on his mystery-broken-down vehicle.
Annnnd this is about the time when he tells you, "Oh, I could use your help. I need you to hold down the brake....hard."

And there ya have it. Work out your sorry legs until they're nothing more than pillars of wibbley-wobbley jello and then offer your services as the brake-presser.
It'll go real well, I assure you.

It really wasn't that bad. I used both feet to keep it pressed down and my hands anchored against my knee fat and grit my teeth through the shakies. It worked out ok. Although, whatever Mark was working on turned into a dead end. was worthless? No. Now we/he know what isn't wrong. Which is quite worthwhile when you're working with car engines.

It feels good to be exercising though. Feels good for now. And next week, once Mark starts his new 9-5pm schedule it'll finally be possible for us to exercise together. At the best possible time, too. In my mind I say we get up at 7, work out for half an hour, he gets in the shower and leaves for work around 8 and then I'm free to do whatever it is I ever do around here the rest of the day. Perfect! We'll see if he agrees with me.

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