Thursday, April 24, 2014

Books then Rants then Yams

Sooooooooooo...that one awesome time your husband came home randomly and sheepishly held up the bag from Barnes & Noble but you weren't even mad because, c'mon, nobody's mad when you buy more books.
And that following ironic time when you and your husband started reading said books and his starts out with an angsty elvish princess with a forbidden love and a plan to run away with said forbidden love and he has to read through the resulting "diary" entries, but comparatively your book starts out in the aftermath of a battle scene with corpses and gore strewn everywhere and mysterious sword legends and assassins and freaking awesome "magical" abilities.
And then that awkward moment when you blog about it because you think it's funny that he got the "girl" book and you got the "boy" book and consequently realize how completely immature you sound.

But anyway. Here's to unintentionally blasting gender norms in the face.

Sorry guys. I go beyond Harry Potter level nerdy. I'm a Brandon Sanderson kinda girl and I really, really love it. Sci-fi fantasy is my mug o' butterbeer. And like, when I say "sorry" I mean "deal".

Here, I'll let John Barrowman tell my thoughts better. Take it away Cap'n.

I edited out the end there because I am sensitive to the fact that I claim to be a generally "family friendly" blog. Also name-calling is never okay.
But even missing his intended naughty word, the point still stands. No one should feel like they have to apologize for who they are or the things they like. Except maybe if you're a murderer...then you should probably apologize because that's just plain rude. Sorry Hannibal.
You be you and don't let anybody else determine how you feel about it.
If you're into a lot of words, I'll give you another famous internet speech by none other than Wesley Crusher (of Star Trek: Next Gen) himself because this cannot be shared enough times. And in my mind, it's not just applicable to nerds. If you have a passion for anything, this belongs to you as well.
But if you want to skip the totally inspiring words (tsk tsk) I kind of sum it up at the end anyway so just scroll on...

"You find the things that you love and you love them the most that you can."

We of the blogging community are really good at this. Whether it be cooking, crafting, photographing, parenting, or just living, we really like to share that passion. It's the whole point of a blog. Sharing the moments that bring us the most joy, the most pain, the most opportunity to learn.
I'm so glad to live in an era when being enthusiastic is celebrated and the realm of acceptable enthusiasm is expanding rapidly.

Also, how adorable are those superhero tutu costumes? I die.

This got super deep and weird and I didn't mean to, but I yam what I yam and I yam a rambling rambler.


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