Friday, April 18, 2014

Life of Wife

I work an hourly job and Mark is blessed with a fabulous salaried position. My company doesn't offer a ton of paid time-off and I'm getting near my year mark (vacation renews at hire date anniversary) so I'm all out of vacation days. But Mark has loads.
He took the day off to go out boating on Saguaro Lake with his dad and I declined attending because what with all this sickness and surgeries on my plate, I need every bit of hours I can manage.

And so, it is with deepest guilt that I laugh because the sky is loaded with dense clouds and a 20% chance of rain on the one day my husband decides to take off and go chill at the lake.

trololol karma.

Although in truth, it's a pretty perfect day for fishing, so for that I am jealous.

And the fact that he's out floating on water enjoying the view of Usury Pass and the beautiful desert before July and August have dried it out completely.

Actually, no this still stinks.


Wife (n.); one capable of both feeling glad and angry for the joy of their espoused. As well as woe and mirth for their slight misfortunes.

I made that up, don't go looking in a dictionary to correct me, mkay? This is my blog, where everything's made up and the rules don't matter.
Also we steal funny things from other people and change it to fit our needs.

Also, maybe I'm a bad wife.

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