Monday, April 21, 2014

Take me to Sylvia Beach

So many fabulous things exist in this world. They're like special secrets you have to either be told about or just chance to trip over.
I was just introduced to one of these such things by happenstance on Facebook this morning and am now severely geeking out.


There is a hotel on the coast of Oregon that is so beautifully quaint and cozy and wonderful but there is one little fact that has me weak in the knees and fluttery in the tummy.
It is catered to book lovers.
The rooms are all named after famous authors and designed to quietly exude that writer's style (or quite loudly in some cases).
There is an upper floor Library with sofas and chairs and cushions and lamps and puzzles and board games with an abundance of wide, clear windows to let in the light and view the ocean.
They do family style dinner with seating similar to cruiselines where you make reservations and are seated with strangers, a perfect "getting-to-know-you" opportunity with fellow bookworms. Imagine the stories! I've taken a glance at their menu and the food is so decadent and fancy.
They're within walking distance of a few neighborhood parks, the Oregon Coast Aquarium is just down the road, the beach practically washes right to the hotel doors....
There's a house cat for crying out loud. She sometimes visits the rooms or frequents the library and may pick your lap to snooze in and I really just can't.
I cannot even.
I need to be there.
I need to live there.
I am having quite near an existential crisis trying to decide between the Mark Twain and Jane Austen rooms.

Oh, oh, or F. Scott Fitzgerald!


They have old vintage books just set out waiting for you to pick 'em up and dive right in, and it's nearly constantly rainy and oh, my heart is fit to burst.

"The library/reading area takes up the whole west side of the 3rd floor of the hotel. The temperment [sic] of the area depends on how it is being used at the time....quiet for reading, napping and writing [...]
It is a great place to hang out when the weather gets stormy or to watch a sunset or look for whale spouts."

Everything about that sounds like the best thing ever.

There are no TV's, radios, landlines, or wi-fi. No elevator. No pets. No smoking. Young children discouraged. (I am all for children, gaiz, don't get upset. There's a time and a place. Time and place.)

And plus, it's priced for double occupancy so you can even feel like you're getting a good deal by going alone. Which isn't sad at all, it's awesome.

I may just make this a yearly retreat.
That's normal, right?

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  1. Ohhh my goodness... The F. Scott Fitzgerald room looks like something out of my dreams...