Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Fangirling for Seasons

Fall is totally my favorite. Totes.

  • I actually want to do chores. What? Going home, changing into some nice comfy sweatpants and clearing up clutter, mopping the floor, and taking the trash out sounds nice. Because I won't end up sweating profusely and wasting valuable life-energy in the blazing heat of Arizona year-round. (we pretend in these Autumn months. Close enough.)
  • Scarves. Boots. Beanies. I hate gloves. But other people can pull it off. Basically layers. YUS.
  • Breezes. Cool breezes. Not that morning breath of Satan business.
  • Being able to hike without feeling like a contestant in a survival contest.
  • If I lived anywhere remotely green, the color changing. Just nature in general.
  • SOUP.
  • And Thanksgiving. Let's just take a gander at that list, shall we?
    • pie
    • mashed potatoes
    • turkey
    • ham
    • dinner rolls the size of Texas (they're called Texas rolls, that's what they mean right?)
    • ALL of the pie
    • fancy salads of all races (no discrimination)
    • funeral potatoes
    • candy corns
    • I can't even continue...
  • Morning fog halos. 
  • Breath clouds.
  • First frost.
  • TV shows start up again! (Sidenote: How did we ever keep up with all our shows last season?? I don't even know what's happening in half the shows we used to be caught up on...)
  • Um, hot cocoa and apple cider? Hullo?
  • Halloween and ALL the candy.
  • Again, if I lived somewhere that was actually cool...raking. I love raking. Shoot, now I'm feeling nostalgic. 
Basically, I need Fall in my life.
Not, like, oh look, it's the autumnal equinox. No, I need all ^that^ stuff. Excuse me while I go house hunting in Colorado, or Georgia (because my business trip basically ruined my romanticized outlook on Arizona), or Oregon, or Washington, or Sweden.
Wait, what?

OH. And the movies this year are killing it.

Frozen? Rugged mountain men with pet moosen? Disney, you slay me.

^Me, tripping all over myself getting in line for movie tickets.

Ender's Game. ENDER'S GAME. Harrison Ford, Asa Butterfield, the most faith-instilling trailer of all time. Seriously, I was exceedingly skeptical (as was my husband) until that trailer came along. Crossing my fingers, peeps.

Thor: The Dark World. THOR, THOR, THOR, THOR.
(I've already had my say about this movie...here for reminders).

The Book Thief. My inner bookworm is screaming. And elated. 

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire. DOOOOD.

(Also exciting; catering advertisements to current social media trends and making movie poster gifs a thing. Although that's a terrible loop. Nice try, guys.)

The Hobbit: Desolation of Smaug. YAAAAASS.

Random, but...^that's basically my husband in 15 years and if he ever grew dreds.


Saving Mr. Banks. I've also already had my say about how excited I am for this film but OHMGSH I need to just apologize now to whoever has to sit next to me during this movie. There will be a lot of emotions. Openly expressed and awkward emotions.

(That was an awful episode. And by awful I mean 
wonderful and horrible and awesome and poor, poor Sam.)

In other news...
No idea what is happening here, but it's so fabulous I don't even care.

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  1. Hope, if you really need to get a raking fix, we have big trees in our yard, and you are welcome to it! They are still green for now, but soon....