Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Tell me I'm not crazy

I think I just had a drunk-genius idea.
Like the kind of idea that seems so brilliant and amazing in that glorified moment but you tell somebody and they're like, "Um. Go home. You're drunk."

I was enjoying some pet gifs on buzzfeed when the Name Gods blessed me with a vision of our future pets and the Universe was like, "And their names shall be 'Bleep' and 'Bloop' and don't question my wisdom," and I laughed to myself and was like, "Dang Universe! That's clever!"
But I told my husband and he was like,
"lol no"

Is that like, no no? You just mean you think I'm funny and it's silly but totes brilliant, right?
But then he goes, "See you at home" and leaves work, and thus our g-chat!

Wait, but really....can we name them that? It's funny! IT'S FUNNY.
This conversation is not over. I am prepared to defend my idea! Gird thine loins, mine espoused, for word battle.

Just in case y'all have been judging me 
or dissatisfied with my blogging as of late.
I have loads of pictures.
But they're all on my camera.
So I should download them to my computer, no?
Well, my computer is in shambles at the moment.
Not "broken" shambles, thank goodness.
But seriously, my monitor is upstairs,
my tower is in a completely different room,
I'm not sure where my mouse and keyboard are...
let alone my cable to transfer the pictures.
So bear with me and my useless,
pointless posts.
Until I get my life together, mkay?
Much obliged.

also, also.
apparently man faces are how I express myself.



  1. Well. i'm glad i re-read this... hahah because i was convinced yesterday night that we were talking about what you wanted to name your children and i was super concerned about you.... but then I saw that you were talking about pet names... and i think its hilarious. so, moral of the story is, make sure you don't just skim through posts that talk about naming someone/thing. ;)

  2. Bwahaha, I can just see me getting to the party tomorrow and you whip me aside and sternly say, "You CANNOT name your children Bleep and Bloop." XD

    no, these are definitely DOG names. But it's looking like I'm the only one who thinks it's a good idea, lawlz. Maybe if I get a couple guinea pigs. Or turtles. Or birds. I hate birds. Never mind.