Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Certain people are the greatest

Remember how two months ago I made friends with the one person at my work location I was absolutely sure would end up beating me to a pulp and then eating me and spitting me out into the gutter?
Of course you don't. No worries, my friends copy and paste got yo backs.

"OMGSH Gaiz, literally right now, we have a guy in the warehouse who is tall and hairy and tatted and scary and reminds me of the mailroom guy from "Elf" and he just came and leaned over my desk and whispered, "I like to whisper, too" and I looked up at him and whispered back, "Whispering is my favorite!" and he smiled because I understood the reference and I feel like I just befriended the Hulk. Like, I don't even care what happens the rest of the day."

So that happened. And it was glorious.
He has also made it a habit of coming up to my desk to get some peanut m&m's and always, always, spoons out a single blue m&m and gives it to me. I don't know why blue, but that's just what he did and continues to do. Sometimes I didn't know whether to feel offended for being intimidated into taking food from this guy but then it's chocolate so I don't mind. Plus blue is my favorite after brown (obviously).
Recently we've run low on peanut m&m's but the bag of plain m&m's has been stationed at the back of the office in the break room.
About ten minutes ago he came up to the sad little bowl with two lonely m&m's left and said these beautiful words,
"You see them trying to sabotage our relationship, Hope?"
I replied that they're all just jealous and he picked out the last blue m&m in the bowl and gave it to me.

Favorite coworker. Hands down.

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