Wednesday, October 2, 2013

In which I use WAY too many gifs...

I am swiftly finding that I seem to be very alone in my circle of friends in my understanding of the "Loki" fascination. I do not share in the Loki fangirl syndrome, but I can understand where they are coming from and would like to take the opportunity to present the case of "Why Tom Hiddleston would make the best significant other" to my skeptic friends.

As much as I do not pine for Loki, I do however think Tom Hiddleston is the cutest thing since fluffly puppies.
A) Speaking of 'bout dat hurr?

I just want to pet him. On the head! No, not that head....guh. /facepalm

B) He has a polite smile that spouts magical joy rainbows.

C) His grin calls all the small, wide-eyed baby animals to the yard.

D) He does things with his lips and then BAM, another smile. Hook, line, and sinker baby.

E) He's an adorable fanboy himself.

F) His slight beardage is the perfect balance of groomed classy and just enough mystery that I want to touch it...desperately.

Scruffy lookin' nerf-herder never looked so heartwarming.

G) He has idealistic romantic views on love.

Please be my boyfriend and teach me this "true meaning" of which you speak.


H) Also applicable; his acting

I) He would always be happy to see you show up at his work...

(probably not though, do not attempt)


On a scale of 0 to TH's right eyebrow, how sassy are you?

L) He doesn't take himself too seriously.

Really though.

M) He is discreet.

[insert non-existent shirtless pics because SELF RESPECT]

(Yes, I searched. Diligently.)

N-R) He's an A-list smiler gaiz.

S & T) Blows kisses. BLOWS KISSES.

U & V) He makes great faces.

W) He's not afraid to be a creeper.

X) Self explanatory.

Y) Did I mention he's polite?

Z) I mean, come on now.

Even if you still don't absolutely adore Tom Hiddleston, can you at least now admit that the rest of us aren't completely bonkers for loving him?
And finally, who better than the crazy fans themselves to testify of the awesomeness?

^All true events.


  1. Now I admit to not seeing it until the second time I watched the Avengers, but I definitely noticed the handsome radiating out from behind the bad guy Loki. I even imdb-ed the names of his other movies to see if I could see him in a more charming role. Tom Hiddleston has it going on. A wonderfully understated man, he is.

    1. Definitely understated.
      It's funny, it wasn't until the trailer for the second movie that I thought his Loki character was attractive. But then again, I think it's just I've cultivated this crush on Tom so that probably plays a part in it. He has a very Snape-ish vibe as Loki with that slick black hair and wounded air, maybe that's why the nerd girls have latched onto him.

  2. Ok, so I never saw him as cute until now. HOW DID I MISS IT? That guy is stinking adorable!!!! I think I focused on the greasy hair in the Avengers and it grossed me out.