Monday, March 18, 2013

Wild Wilderness Weekend

Here we goooo!! (in my head that sounds like Peter Pan when they all set off flying to Neverland, adjust accordingly in your own mind)
On Saturday we had a rip-roarin' blast up at Butcher Jones and Saguaro Lake. Mark and I had originally planned to go up Friday night and camp out but turns out I had some chores and he had some homework and adulthood stepped in and trashed that idea. 
So Saturday morning we packed up the truck after I revamped some old jean shorts, and we were about to head on our way when....the truck wouldn't start. Boo. So we gave it a quick jump. Our poor Gunter ('91 GMC Jimmy) is having a rough time. He can't seem to figure out how to idle. Maybe he has parkinsons. I dunno. But the jump did the trick! So we went to Walmart to pick up the necessary Jones and ice. Camping and lake trips are just not complete without some good ol' Jones soda.
Apparently Mark has the bladder of a 90 year old woman and needed to take a potty break, leaving me in line to buy our few items. I moseyed over behind an elderly fellow hugging my 2 packs of Jones to my chest in an effort to not drop and destroy them. My exchange with the man in front of me went something like this...
"You're holdin' on to those pretty tight!"
"What? Oh yeah, haha. Gotta protect the goods!"
"Would you like to put them in my cart? They must be pretty heavy."
"Oh, I'm fine. Thank you though!"
"You can go on ahead. I'm waiting for my wife. Don't know where she ran off to..."
"Haha, it's easy to get lost around here...or just distracted."
He went on to tell me about how usually she's the one waiting for him but now he doesn't know what to do because he has to wait. He was so very dear and darling. Funnily enough, I went from behind one old man to another. This guy was almost done checking out and when the cashier handed him his change a dime fell to the floor and was spinning on the floor behind him. I bent down to grab it and when I handed it to him he complimented me on my "good eye" and I had a hard time not replying, "good torso". Brian Regan has basically scripted my life.
Mark was back by now and when we went to the ice fridge to pick up our two bags there was one sad little layer of bags along the bottom. We looked at each other and Mark voiced both our thoughts; "Judging by the amount of ice in here..."
"This is gonna be fuuun..." I finished for him.
Spring break and the beautiful weather from the past couple days? I'm sure everybody had the same idea as us. 
We put all the drinks and ice into the cooler and headed up Power and out of town. We were gettin' close and my stomach growled causing me to sit up straight and nearly shout, "OH! We forgot subway!"
"Crap, we did."
We looked across the street and whaddya know?
"Hey, look. Subway!"
We were both starving so we got footlongs each. They were wrapping up our sandwiches and "Celebration" was on over the speakers. I was feeling giddy and hyper so I started dancing right there in the Subway and humming along to the song. The lady at the cash register points at me and exclaims,
"You get a free cookie!"
They gave me a free raspberry cheesecake cookie just for dancing!! I couldn't believe it. She tried to get Mark to dance for a cookie but his cold blank stare was quite clear; there would be no dancing from him that day. Dear, dear husband of mine.
Loaded down with all the supplies any hopeful campers could dream of, off we headed into the wild blue yonder!

Yum, yum sammiches. 

Lovely camping/beach chairs.
I meant to get a picture of Mark's chair,
it would sink down into the sand about 3 inches.
Really silly.

A bird got to my leftovers!!


Ahem....Noodle wars.

(boo. I will try uploading the video at a later time)

Beach puppy.

Campfires aren't allowed at Butcher Jones so we needed to go on an adventure to find somewhere to cook our dinners and have some jolly arsonist fun. We had little faith in the hondas getting anywhere four wheeling back in the depths of Butcher Jones. So everybody had to pile into our already packed to the brim truck. But hey, lovebirds don't mind being cozy. 
Screaming and laughing and crazy careening ensued. 
Pretty soon we discovered that Alex was not having the time of his life. Allie asked if anything was wrong and he replied with this gem;
"When I get scared I grab myself and it's starting to hurt!"

Obviously he meant it innocently enough but there was raucous laughter for a full 3-4 minutes after that. Quote of the month, that is. 
Soon after that, it was getting close to dark and we were no closer to finding a promising area. We knew we needed to get down into a wash but every fork we came to that led down appeared suicidal. We settled to just bonfire at the top of the hill. I myself was halfway down the hill to look for wood scraps when apparently everyone reconsidered and decided it would be better down at the bottom.

(another video may or may not end up here)

Snippet from earlier; 
Hubby doesn't approve of small Dew cans.

Product of firewood search.
Drug a tree probably 20 yards.
We didn't even end up using it. 


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