Sunday, March 17, 2013

Spontaneous Craft Act

I have these shorts that I can't use anymore for normal day-to-day wear since they're not quite long enough but they work great for summer pool days, lake days, the like. But they are also from Walmart. So the craftmanship is not fabulous to say the least. They used to fold up at the bottom real cute-like but then I got them wet and it all went to flop. Rather like the soft skin on an old person. Not pretty. 
Thusly, when I wanted to wear them to the lake this weekend to party with some friends in one last Spring Break hoorah, I decided to fix 'em up with my fairly newly acquired Bernina sewing machine. Trusty ol' gal, she is. Mostly I wanted to just sew up the folds so they wouldn't hang down in sad, saggy lumps but I also had a long wad of lace that never got used for our "vintagey" wedding reception. So at 10 in the morning when I was supposed to be packing up the truck to go on our camping/lake adventure, I sat down and went at it with the shorts.

As you can see, the bottom edge is just not so great. Turns out I also didn't even use the pins to keep the lace in place. It was more effort than it was worth, easy enough to just hold it with my hands.

Luckily my husband walked in right as I was about to begin, looked at what I was doing and basically pointed out that I was sewing them on the front of the fold rather than back behind it so the lace would stick out the bottom. I almost sewed lace onto the front so it would stick up towards my face. 
Awesome. I'm so awesome guys.

Before fixing the folds...

After fixing the folds. Can you see my awesome stitching lines? I promise I wasn't drunk during this experiment, no matter the evidence pointing otherwise.

Wearing swimsuit bottoms under jean shorts makes for unseemly bulges but whatever. I MADE DEM.

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