Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Wants nomz NAOOW

Well, maybe blogger will be more cooperative than facebook. Either my little lappy-toppy just can't handle life in any way, shape or form or the silly photo uploader on good ole FB took a turn for the worst worse there ever was.
I think I broke it and it ate some of my pictures. SAD DAY.

Alrighty! Well I'm married now and as such there are a few stories worth sharing. Fret not, all tales will be kept to a decent PG rating. Probably G. We're just super exciting people.
I'll post pictures and talk about the actual honeymoon later, when I'm not about to rage it up and shove my computer down the garbage disposal because it just. won't. upload. pictures. I just wants to share my memories! Das all!
And so, to recap the timeline of events for lovely 2012 thus far;

  • Moved to Chandler with the family.
  • Worked on getting Mark moved to apartment #1 in the triplex. 
  • Started job at Red Mountain high school.
  • Planning, planning, always planning.
  • Got super weird sickly diseased (still-don't-know-what-was-wrong).
  • Moving Mark back to #3 and getting brother's things O-U-T.
  • Accompanied everyone for Regional Auditions (not exactly but basically).
  • Got married.
  • Spring break honeymoon.
  • Yay exaaaams 
  • Started another online class
  • Cali Choir tour this week.
  • CGCC festival and Ren Fest all in one weekend!
  • RMHS musical (april 12-14)
I would not begrudge May for coming a little early this year. 
On a much more exciting note, my cute little house is actually looking cute and homey!! This is one of the parts of being married I was so super stoked for. Not to mention I know how this place looked for the past couple years being a "bachelor pad" in all it's glory. Therapeutic scrubbing; saving my sanity. But I just spent the evening moving the table and chairs around, hauling out the awkward-to-carry armchair to try and find a place for that and the bookshelf and playing around with interior decorating.
Btdubs, it's after TEN O'CLOCK and I made dinner at 8:30 and Mark still isn't home from school. Not exactly my favorite thing ever right there. I wants my husband, please and thank you very much! Tour is going to be....a lovely adventure, I believe. We shall see how this goes. Hopefully I don't cry too much *crosses fingers*. And yes, I'm totally okay with admitting that I'm a complete wimp when it comes to being apart from him. I don't have the starch to buck up and deal with the loneliness. 
I'm really hungry. And the spaghetti smells really good. Neighborhood walmart is my best friend right now. It's awesome. Maybe I'll sneak an otter pop. Hmmmm....
OTTERS!! We saw dem on the honeymoon! Except I'm not talking about that yet. Whoops.
Ohhh, too garbled in the brain to do this. Can't...function, need sleep and....Dr. P. Yup. For realzies. 

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