Thursday, March 1, 2012

I don't even know...

That awkward moment when your best friend dedicates an entire blog post to you, directing her readers to your blog...
and then you go to blog.
"Now I have to be FUNNY??!"
And so I start with one of the most cliche memes out there. Woot rising to the occasion.

So yesterday, the fiance and I finally got to spend some down time together (like 2.5 hours, but that's better than the past week of not seeing and hardly talking to each other at all...sad Hope is sad). And I guess one could say we actually practiced dancing together!
Except it went a lot like this...

You think I'm kidding. We actually referenced that clip and did it to each other. And then I stood on his feet and we wobbled back and forth until I tripped on a shoe and about knocked us both over. If anything, you guys should come to our reception just to see us attempt to dance together and not cause any sort of accident. Should be highly entertaining.
I've been wanting to blog for the past couple days, but then today I went to work, went to pick up Mark's suits (he's so sexy in 'em you guys don't even unnerstaaaand!!), had to finish online homework before it's due tonight, answer emails and make calls and clean and plan and gotta get to play rehearsal soon and and and...
Whew! it's like I have a life or something.
Ooh! Ooh! Got my recommend signed last night, so now my mom and I gotta go get me some super special undy-clothings and I'm kinda sorta more excited for this than anything ever in my life of 21 short years.

People are way too kind to me. Thank goodness for friends.

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