Saturday, April 28, 2012

Current Thought Process


Head. Aching. Throat...scritchy. Nose. Runny.

Weeeeee, vacuum ALL THE THINGS!! Except only the rug and couch.
Bahaha, that doesn't work on tile. Silly, silly Hopey.

Oh. I'm hungry. Interesting.

Pouring the Cayenne pepper, pour pour pour....oh. That's a lot of cayenne...
It's ok. Garlic salt make things better.

Hehe, internetz funneeeh.

Why so many people text me!? What am I, your friend??

Drink broth. OH WHY DID I INGEST LAVA?! Whyyyy??
That actually feels pretty good. Woot.

Hey, I just ate food today. I can take medicine.

Rummaging. Rummage.
Ooh! NyQuil...I think that stuff's good for my ailment. Sure, lets try it.

Btdubs, people. NyQuil and heavily spiced ramen do not mix well. Think oil and water with a lit match thrown on top. Something of the like. I kinda feel like I can't breath and my head got injected with air from a bicycle tire pump. But I need to go put the wash in the dryer. Does that count as operating heavy machinery? I'm not sure exactly how much I can mess up chucking wet clothes into a hollow piece of metal and spin the dial thingy and press a button. But here we go...

Hahaha! I fell over.
So as you may have surmised, I am feeling a bit under the weather. And how did I get this way? I finally decided to exercise yesterday. Yes, karma has bit me in the butt. I guess. Maybe. That's what I'm blaming it on. I went jogging and did pretty darn well, except for I about lost consciousness and couldn't breathe without feeling like my bottom teeth and tongue were being ripped out of my head. So when my throat starting hurting I thought my awful mouth-breathing to be reasonable cause. But then the headache set in and I wanted to die. My husband thinks it was a migraine caused by the fact that my contact prescription is sorely off now, considering I just steadily seem to become more blind as the days go by. Perhaps. Either way, I made some stellar baked Mac'n'cheese for lunch. And then we ate the mississippi mud I'd baked the night before for a party. But I was late so not many people took a piece. Woot leftovers.
My typing is ridiculous right now. Each sentence takes probably an average of 5 backspaces. And it's not typical little type-o's either. I'm putting spaces in the middle of words and deciding an x would be a more appropriate vowel in a startling amount of cases. At least I can still recognize it and fix it. Or else that would be sxlly.
I actually need to go mop now and do the dishes, so that's all for now. Happy april to all y'all!!

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