Monday, March 5, 2012

For Your Health

This is my new go-to song for an instant pick-me-up, go-get-em attitude.
And a huge laugh session.
 I seriously can't stop.

So. You're welcome.

Hey, so no big deal but we got our marriage license certificate thingy this morning. It's whatever. But it was much more of an adventure than I was expecting. I totally thought it would be a place like the DMV where I feel like hundreds of humans are packed into this tiny, inefficiently designed cave and we're all standing/sitting in line to waste away our lives. Kind of like a bleary hospital.
But it wasn't. The building was huge, firstly. Which made it really awkward for me to be driving around aimlessly looking for some small, inconspicuous structure with disproportionately large signage and telling Mark, "yeah maybe you should use your phone GPS..." but he looks at me and points right ahead of us, "Hope, it's right there."
"well obviously, I mean my goodness, Mark."
And then I almost missed the parking lot because it was confusing. And then we went inside where there was security. Talk about immediate panic. And what a bumface, Mark knew about it so he didn't wear a belt but he forgot to mention it to me. The girl with the purse that has endless pockets of knick-knacks that set off every alarm ever made and the dude searched through it for seriously 5 minutes and I'm about to start sweating cuz I know my swiss army pocket knife is in there and surely they're going to find it and tackle me and haul me off to jail in some remote corner of Mexico because obviously I'm a terrorist. 
But they just commented on my nail clippers setting the machine off and gave me my purse back. Dude didn't even have the decency to put everything back where it goes. I mean, honestly. Although I'm pretty sure he correctly identified my keychain as a "Firefly" so....he is forgiven. 
In any case, we found the right room and the right paperwork and got it all filled out with only one small hiccup in the form of Mark forgetting his SSN. Hopefully he guessed right. 
And neither of us remembered how exactly to fill out a check. Thank goodness for Google and ingenious phones. But turns out they take credit. Too bad we didn't see the notice hanging on the wall before we took 10 minutes giggling and trying to remember where and if you sign.
The lady was super nice though. Mormon, too. She drew a big heart in fat sharpie on the front of our manila envelope with all the stuffs in it. 

And now only 5 more hours of anticipation before we meet up at the temple to take our "Bridal/Groomal" pictures. Which means Mark is going to see the dress! Which means I should probably go do some crunches and drink 3.4 gallons of water. 
Just kidding on the water. That doesn't make any sense. Yay.


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