Monday, February 10, 2014

Jumping on the Hogwarts Train...aka Bandwagon

As much as I am completely satisfied with the way Hogwarts romances turned out regardless of JKR's surprising interview reveal, I am slightly bothered by the outpouring of articles (here's one example) arguing the validity of Ron and Hermione's relationship. GUYS. You're using bits of evidence from the books that JKR wrote, rendering them completely null and void in light of her recent comments. You get what I'm saying?
Throwing down examples of how Ron is devoted to Hermione and she keeps him from slumming through life is exactly why those of us who ship Romione love them, but it proves nothing. JKR wrote it that way. She just discredited her own writing. All those moments between Ron and Hermione are complete bull now, according to the very author who originated them.
I, personally, wonder if JKR will inevitably regret her proclaimed misgivings on her already well-established writings more than having written them they way she did in the first place. Everyone already loves Harry Potter. What was the need to admit that she was second-guessing herself? Calling it "wish fulfillment" is a bit disconcerting considering the entire series could very well be classified as such. I cringe to admit that it seems a bit of a ploy to remain relevant and maintain that pedestal of devoted interest she's enjoyed these many years.
And again, I am completely happy with the way the books turned out. While I was reading them I felt a twinge of dissatisfaction when Ron and Hermione began drifting together and instead wanted Hermione and Harry to end up together, but then Ginny was brought back as a more well-developed and entertaining character and I was completely taken over by Harry and Ginny. Movie Ginny is disappointing and I'm sorry Bonnie Wright didn't get a better chance to portray her as the fiesty, witty ball of gumption that I love from the books. I'm surprised I don't see more Harry/Ginny supporters popping up with this new viral controversy stirring the pot cauldron.
I would however, love to know how that would have effected the books. At what point would the story arc have changed? How exactly would the hunt for the Horcruxes have gone down and how would it have been different if Harry and Hermione were the ones harboring deep-rooted affections? Would Ron have left? What would he have seen while attempting to destroy the horcrux instead of Harry and Hermione kissing? Or was he still to be the third wheel crushing on his best mate's girl? Very intriguing to wonder what the books could have been like if Rowling had, apparently, gone a different route.
But beep you, JKR, and your weird publicity stunt. I like it the way it is.

Just kidding I love you O goddess divine.


  1. AMEN! I loved that Ron and Hermione ended up together! I was so happy and I love book Ginny too! Movie 6 bothers me the most with movie Ginny and the random battle kiss during 7.2........awkward!

    1. It really felt like they shredded Ginny of any substance and left her just as this blank page love interest to Harry (for the movies, obvsly). The kiss scene is so totally awkward, actually all of them really, and it's like they're trying too hard to make Ginny this seductive temptress.
      Give me my spirited, snarky, sassy Ginny back!