Thursday, February 20, 2014

Bored Read Pending

I have had a busy week being simultaneously sick and uncharacteristically controversial on social media. If you've been following this blog at all, you'll probably agree that normally my posting MO is that of silliness and ridiculous random. Last weekend I got painfully ill and beginning of this week the illness spread to my spirit as I came across some foul opinion vomit on the internet. Rather than hash over it again, though I'm still sick at heart over the subject, I'm here to just...ramble a little bit.
There's a lot going on in the lives of Mark and Hope while at the same time nothing is happening. Or rather, progressing. 2014 has turned out to be the year to make every difficult, adult-life decision ever and under an alarming time crunch as well.

So now I'm here trying to simplify my life a smidge and just be silly for a minute.
My dog is a big, heavy ball of wimp. We had leftover BBQ pulled pork sandwiches for dinner last night and the tupperware was slathered in tasty bits of sauce and meat and we let Odin lick at it a little bit. We had it on the floor but the poor guy has to perform a sort of yoga pose that looks remarkably like a giraffe at the watering hole to get near enough to the ground to eat, so we tried to stick it into his raised food bowl.
The second he licked at it and it made a slight scraping noise against his metal bowl he skittered away and wouldn't go near it again until we put it back on the floor. He approached cautiously, glancing up at us with sad, drooping eyelids as if convinced we were pulling some cruel trick and at any moment the tupperware would clamp on to the end of his nose.
We were laying on the floor after rough housing with him the other day and whereas usually his tail remains tucked securely down close to his body, at the time he had it swinging in full force. (We're not sure why exactly he does this, he is a very happy dog and his tail is almost always wagging, but just close to his body.) As his tail was swinging wide and fast he accidentally whomped the cedar hope chest we have set up in front of the couch. He jumped and swung his large head around wildly searching for the source of the startling noise.
I'm also pretty sure he thinks our favorite family activity is getting rubbed all over our bodies with his slimy, slobbery, grimy face just after he's eaten food. He doesn't do this any other time of the day. Or maybe he thinks we're his personal napkins. We've begun to have paper towels lying around the house for these exact moments so we can wipe his face clean.
So basically we love him.
Speaking of love and family, maybe now's a good time to showcase the types of conversations my husband and I have on almost a daily basis:
I have a small inkling that this sort of thing may bug some people.
So how about you bug off whilst I showcase the silly relationship that I so enjoy in my marriage.

Panic. Greatly panic.
I got a new phone recently. I don't know if I can access my screenshots anymoar.

In scouring bloggers photo adding capabilities I found...things.
I don't know how this started happening and it is of no fault of my own
(aka I can't take credit for this awesomeness)
but I guess my phone is a gif machine?

Sort of?
Like, wut is even happening?
It's glorious but I don't understand. 
It really likes the snow one. Almost every picture from New York has that...
added feature.

Okay no seriously, I'm gonna figure this out.
I guess screenshots aren't added to blogger in the "from my phone" tab.
To ze Google Drive!
[cue Batman transition]

Yep. Okay. That'll work.
But it's too late now. I will make another post later.
This one's already so crazy. 

BEEP! The blogger meetup isn't until March? Daaang I thought it was this month. #sadllamajr. I sincerely wish it was easier to get together more often with blogging friends because they are the funniest, most uplifting ladies around. But the internet is misleading in the fact that it seems like you're all so close and gathered in one convenient location but in reality it's like, "Dude. you live in a different state. Why." Not to mention children and businesses and jobs and life. 
Adulthood is just so very overrated. Hyped up bunch of nonsense. But the people are pretty cool. 


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