Monday, February 3, 2014

Guess how much I love my short hair...

  • Guess how long it takes to blow dry my hair in the morning:
    • I don't even know because before I could think to time it I was done.
  • Guess how much conditioner I have to splort into my hands:
    • Definitely not near the amount I accidentally ended up with because my muscle memory is having a hard time adjusting.
  • Guess how hard it is to keep the hair out of my face:
    • One simple swipe is enough. One. No bobby pins, no hair ties, no clips. WUT.
  • Guess how obnoxious it is to ride in a vehicle with the windows down:
    • It's not.
K, but srsly tho.
Blow drying my hair when it was long was a 10 minute ordeal, at least, to get it semi-presentable and leave the inner layers in a partially damp state that would generally stick around till the end of the day. And that's not including the pre-drying combing. 
I had the sense to realize I didn't need as much product as usual when I was getting the shampoo but then I underestimated my own strength and ended up with a big pile of conditioner that I totally didn't need. And my bottle is not conducive to deftly sucking the excess back in. #sadpanda
I literally just have to run my fingers through it to get it out of my face. It's so light it just holds itself up. Before, there was so much, I couldn't really do much to keep it from hanging in front of my eyes. It wouldn't even tuck behind my ears because it was so thick.
We took our "Pirate-mobile" to get groceries a few weeks ago. It's a home-made convertible. Normally I would have to braid my hair or twist it tightly and hold the ends to keep from ending up with a tangled hot mess. But now, I just throw caution (or in this case, my short tresses) to the wind and it's great. It doesn't blow into my mouth or wind around my neck in an awkward chokehold.
Going even three days without shampooing is not a dangerous endeavor and most of the time my bedhead just means a delightful amount of volume.

In essence, if I can bring myself to keep paying for it, I might be keeping the short cut around for a while. At least over the summer because I can't wait to swim with this.

^that's actually not a gif of me. Surprise.

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