Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Pandora's Box of Stations

I recently, as in five minutes ago, posted a status on facebook. It went something like this (and by something I mean word-for-word cuz I'mma copy/paste that bugger right. now.)

"I can't adequately explain the crushing annoyance I feel when I'm listening to my Ola Gjielo station on Pandora and a live-recorded song comes up and it's a freaking cough-fest in the audience. If you have the tickles in your throat at a choral concert you better silently book it outside holding your mouth like you're about to puke all over the row in front of you because that's basically what you're doing. Ruining it for everyone."

Take heed and be warned. Just wanted to reiterate that for those of you who aren't privvy to my facebook eloquencies. Apparently half that sentence isn't even real words. Harrumph.
But then I got thinking about Pandora and how much I seriously love it. Seriously, fo rizzle dizzle, assuredly. I love experimenting in music and getting to hear things I normally wouldn't be exposed to or hear of is delightful to my inner hipster. 
Last week Mark and I were out for date night at the 5 and Diner (can't get enough of that place, we even went withOUT a groupon!) and we were discussing Pandora. He didn't believe my claim that none of my 25 stations are superfluous and each of them have something unique to offer. He literally demanded I hand over my phone so he could go through the list and point out stations that are too similar. For your reference, here is that list in chronological order of creation;
Owl City
Christina Perri
Hans Zimmer
Alan Menken
Eric Whitacre
Sky Sailing
James Horner
Ola Gjielo (still currently listening, mmm, so lovely)
Mumford & Sons
Linkin Park
Bluegrass Banjo
Jess' Playlist*
Winston's Playlist*
Cece's Playlist*
Walt Disney
Michael Buble
I Got Rhythm
The Piano Guys
(* shared stations from "New Girl" characters)

His first complaint was against 'The Piano Guys' and 'Michael Buble'. DO YOU EVEN MUSIC?? Because that's not even...NO. I think I just stared at him incredulously and said something like, "You're dumb. I'm not even going to...next."
He didn't even know who James Horner WAS and tried to say it was too similar to Hans Zimmer. Way to generalize; movie soundtracks, they MUST be the same!
Enya vs. Eric Whitacre? I'm sorry, what?!
Do you guys see what I have to deal with? 

In all seriousness, I have looked over my stations a lot lately feeling like I have too many but it's like trying to throw out clothes. Suddenly I have an inexplicable, life-changing attachment to that particular station and the genre of music it spews forth.
In conclusion, I like my music and all my stations and shutup, leave me alone.


  1. If you like movie soundtracks you should also try James Newton Howard as well! Its is kinda similar to Hans Zimmer.

  2. Yeah, he comes up on that station all the time. I think I thumbs-up every song it plays of his, haha. I die for a good soundtrack.

  3. Yeah I love movie soundtracks! A lot of people think I'm weird for it, haha. If you have spotify you should check out the new Man of Steel soundtrack by Hans Zimmer, its pretty awesome!