Saturday, April 20, 2013

Quickly, Quickly!!

Second time I've quoted that exact line from Mulan today. Probably fifth time this week. It's whatever. Mushu is my spirit animal.
"Dragon, DRAGON, not lizard. I don't do that tongue thing. Thhhhhhh!"
Sorry. Moving on.

Quickly, because I only have until my husband gets back from his dad's to finish this post and we wash the truck. Ack!

So here's the musical;

The end.
No, but really, it was so much more fun than I was anticipating. I had originally tried to turn down doing the musical this year but that lasted a couple weeks before they came crawling back begging. Or maybe I did. Who knows. Also, that costume was not my idea. The guys went and found the jackets at a costume shop and demanded that I rent the matching "dress" as well. 
I've never had more fun with a "pit" than this year and I think we looked rather smashing. Not to mention they taught me how to jazz! I'm getting better! Huzzah!!

Now, this here's the perfect example of why I LOVE thrifting. Love, love, love it! Through my [almost] previous job I get to know some of the best people by accompanying for them and they are [almost] always so kind and give me the most wonderful 'thank you's'. Most recently, the Parkers gave me a $25 gift card to Nordstrom's. Now that money was burning a blazing hole in my skinny wallet and yesterday my mom accompanied me to the nearest Nordstrom's where I got this shirt.
I forgot to take a real picture so here's me currently in it sitting and blogging;

I haven't yet decided if it's meant as "activewear"...goshdangit!! Mark just called. He's already headed back. BUMMERNUT. 
Life! Y U no let me blog?!

Well, now that I'm all wet. 
SO! That shirt right up there came out to $34.82 and so with my gift card I only paid less than $10. Score, right?

That right there depicts the two work dresses, one maxi/baby-bump dress, two skirts, and two shirts that I got at Goodwill today; for $32.78.  Not to mention the miscellaneous treasures I couldn't pass up. Eleven times the product for the same price. Less than that even. Like, say wut??

Apparently I'm committing to learning how to make "fancy" tarts. As opposed to slummy tarts. These are fancy ones. Also we love soup and large bowls so a large bowl that has handles and the word SOUP on both sides is $1 well spent. Got a cute belt and there was a chameleon beanie baby named Iggy that I identified with so I had to bring him home. He may get called "Pascal" more often than "Iggy" but whatever. Another $0.39 well spent.

Now we're off for a evening of homemade cooking and board gaming with the bestest of friends and I'm already slap-happy-tired from this busy day.
At least I remembered to transfer the wet laundry to the dryer before we leave. Woot.

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