Sunday, April 7, 2013

Inner 5-year-old is muchly pleased

hey guess what i'm excited wanna know why?!
So last year the hubster and I joined Disney Movie Club and we are absolutely loving it! The deals and the movies and all the disney lovin' is makin' me quite happy and he likes it when I'm happy so everyone's happy. Win-win ;)
Also you can earn up points for some pretty sweet things. Obviously the sweetest things will take years and years and years. But anyway. We like it, alright?
We recently preordered Wreck-It Ralph (best decision evar) and it came as a package deal with Finding Nemo and a cool 3-D Card. 

But the BEST part was the special offer with the Wreck-It Ralph purchase code; they let you use the code to buy the movie soundtrack and download it for $5.25!! I'm a total soundtrack fangirl and Wreck-It Ralph is one of the best in a long time. Also I die for some Owl City. Yesh pleashe! Mark said it was okay and I just spent the last hour running around the house and bouncing off the walls excited. Minus the 5 minutes where my wallet went all AWAL MIA. Rude. But I found it! No worries.
I downloaded the music and promptly picked "When Can I See You Again" to dance around like a luny lunatic. 
Then Mark let me in on a little secret. can put music from your computer onto your phone and make RINGTONES out of it!!
See above gifs.
That was my face and actions for 15 straight minutes while he helped me figure it out. I literally sat with my phone increasing the ringtone length by 0.5 second increments to get it to sound exactly right. Mark had to finally convince me, "that one sounds great!"
"That last one? At 80.72?"
"Yeah, it's perfect....oookay you're changing it again."
"I just wanna get the downbeat right! The chord isn't quite finished..."
"Yes! There! Perfect."
"80.74? Yeah, okay. It's great. Do I save it?"
I then made him immediately call me and danced some more to my new awesome Owl City from Wreck-It Ralph ringtone that sounds slightly dubstepped when my phone's laying on a flat surface because of the vibrate but whatevs.
Sweet mother of monkey milk, it's awesome.