Thursday, April 25, 2013


I am freaking out too hard core right now for this to be a facebook post so here are my thoughts, second time through the new THOR movie trailer;

0:04- Gee, I hope this isn't fan made and I got my hopes up for nothing...
0:09 lol floating bus?
0:16 Are we to the slow-motion explosions already?
0:17 Maybe not...
0:19 Wait, go back!! Was that Padme or not?! I'm sorry, uh...Natalie Portman. Whatever.
0:24 floating black iceberg of DOOM!!
0:25 Darcy! Yay!!
0:34 about here began the gasping/squealing/clapping of hands
0:49 bringin' the girlyfriend home to meet the fambam, eh Thor?
0:55 erm, is she dying during childbirth again?? Keep it together woman.
0:57 Batman's pissed he's so left out.
1:17 Katie and the cursed jewelry in Harry Potter, anyone?
1:20 No. NO! Why is Thor kneeling and sad?! Why??
1:27 Ooh, ooh! Yes! Tom Hiddleston!
1:36 Can't even hate him for how much I respect/admire his acting. 
To end: NERDGASM!!

K, I have been DYING since the end of the first movie when they just leave the romantic involvement hanging. I got weirdly and unnecessarily attached to Thor/Jane (Thane? Thorane, Janthor...merp) for who knows why. I love love loved the first one and my heart is literally still pounding even after having typed all this after watching that sneak peek. I totally missed when it's even coming out.
I mean october but that's what I typed Im' so excited. I'm screwing up all over the plce. EXCITED PHILANGES!!
Halloween is going to be wonderful this year. Wonderful indeed!


  1. Dude its not coming til NOVEMBER!!! :(

  2. But...but...I swear I saw october :( IMDB knows all, you are correct. At least it's not like,
    "Um, Hope? It doesn't come out till next year" because then I'd have to go crawl in a hole and hibernate for a whole YEAR. And that would be a bummer.
    Thanks for the correction, you worthless reptile.
    Just kidding I love you.