Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Story #2

Y'know what? Screw you serving size suggestions.
"They're more like guidelines than actual rules."

I just read a whole chapter in my Musical Theatre textbook on Gilbert and Sullivan which naturally included a large section on Pirates of Penzance so I'm feeling a little nostalgic for the pirate days of my life.
And also I'm eating a whole box of Rice-a-Roni myself because, well, it's yummy and I'm a fatty.

So Iowa! It looks about like this;

Pretty much. All the time.
I've actually told Mark the story of how
on every family trip we ever took to Iowa
it was almost "tradition" for my Dad to recite his
"corn and beans" gag.
Which basically consists of him pointing to one side
of the road and say,
"Well here you got your corn....."
then point to the other side,
"And here you got your beans...."
And go on like that for a few miles down the interstate.
He did not disappoint this time around.

At The Three Sons. 
Another tradition with my family.
Obviously we found some pretty stylin' hats.
Their sweaters and jackets are 
the softest and most wonderful things on the planet.
Plus, Okoboji University pride, y'all.

That there is Lily. 
Lily and her tongue.

Meet Trudy.

She's too cute for words.
And the SILKIEST puppy your fingers
will ever meet!

It's hard to see, I know.
But that's a tin can with 
Ireland all across the front.
If there's anything more perfect for us to 
store spare change in to save up for a 
trip to Ireland....
There isn't.

Another tradition;
Garage sales.
These aren't just your saturday morning sales, people.
These are ads in the paper,
lots full of junk that sell weekly.

Sittin' on the dock with puppy.
Doesn't get much more perfect, I tell ya what.

Favorite trip of our marriage, so far.
And we're only 6 months in! 
Dis is gon' be goooood!!

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