Sunday, September 23, 2012

Not of Any Importance

Actually I'm not being angsty and dramatic with that title.
There's just really nothing important going on in here today've been warned.

I'm a little upset. Mark and I made the most fabulous dinner today and I would really love to show you. I'd really like to display the succulent pork chops Mark marinaded and cooked up in our George Foreman as well as the cheesy rice and steamed broccoli that all went together smashingly well.
I really would.
Except for I can't.
One reason is my fault, because I don't know where my camera is. Which is bad enough in and of itself.
But last week my phone had a seizure and went for a permanent hiatus from life, apparently. RUDE. I was home from work and watching old episodes of Grey's Anatomy and crying my dumb eyes out because I watched that episode where ______ dies. Which I should know not to watch because I know so-and-so dies. But anyway. I was home and messing with my phone. Checking facebook or something menial like that. I set it down. Suddenly, I wanted to know what time it was. A normal enough practice. I picked up my phone and....the screen wouldn't light up. I thought back to when I last used it and was 80% sure the battery couldn't have died out within the time I hadn't been using it. Plus, I didn't hear or see it shut down. But I took it to my bedroom and plugged it into the wall anyway.
Still wouldn't come on.
Mark got home and of course fiddled with it and pried off the backing with a tiny screwdriver.
I took it in to the Verizon store the following day and they couldn't even troubleshoot it. But there was this huge mess with getting into my account because I'm on the family plan with Mark which is under his dad's name. So I didn't know any passwords, which the guy made very clear when he said,
"If you are a user you'd know the password."
Well, scuuuuuze me, mister.
So he gave me the warranty/tech team number so I can call them and get more info.
Except for this.
I can't call them because MY PHONE IS GONE.
So I get the password from Mark that night and go in again the next day.
But guess what.
It's not the right password.
So I ask for a phone I could use and I call Mark and my father-in-law from their little office handheld but nobody answers. I talked to Mark later about it and he said the area code was from Nebraska....o.0 thanks for that Verizon.
Sooooo I still don't have a phone and it's been a priceless Instagram day and I'm upset.
But I made cake (one of those instagram moments) so I'm better.

Speaking of which I gotta go start whipping up the frosting for said cake. Toodles!

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