Friday, September 28, 2012

A spot of adorable with a chance of "awwww!"

I knew I shoulda blogged earlier. Cuz I was funny earlier. Now I'm just sad and mopey and red-eyed because I watched the season 9 premiere of Grey's Anatomy and obviously had to face all the stuff that happened in the last finale that I'd been ignoring and in denial about all summer long.
I got attached. I'm sorry.

But seriously, this was funny. And cute. Way super cute.
I was at work today. Which, reminder, I work at a tactical store. We sell vests and pouches and all sorts of gear for the gun-toting types. Attachments for weapons, apparel, a wide variety of knives and such. It's pretty sweet. I also know nothing about any of it. But I'm learning. Slowly but surely.
Today a guy came in with his, oh, probably four year old daughter and some dude who I guess was his brother. Not a crucial part of the story. Though I'm sure he's a great guy. He bought a balaklava so he's good in my book.
But the four year old, now she was definitely in a good mood and very happy to be spending the day with daddy. She would run up to where my friend/coworker Calli and I stood and would peep in her little baby talk, "That's my daddy! My daddy..." and then mumble some stuff about his shoes cuz we got on a shoe kick. While we were on said shoe kick she wanted to make a big deal about her (actually adorable) crocs she was wearing.
Only....she couldn't really say "crocs".
So this four year old is running around the store repeating over and over again, pointing at her feet,
"These are my cocks!"

Then she about knocked over an entire display and tried to play hide-and-seek in the dressing room closet. I'm pretty sure she made my whole day.

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