Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Smatter scatter!!

This would be that long-winded status I was speaking of earlier, those of you lucky enough to be my facebook friend.
Actually, it's probably right on that facebook badge I have here on the blog page. So you are welcome to enjoy my wit, as well. That's what you're here for, I suppose.
Kudos to you, my friend.

You know what's pretty great?
Having a job, first of all.
Then having two jobs is a plus. Especially when one of those jobs doesn't really feel like a job considering you love what the job consists of.
And then, getting a call from your dad while you're at one of said jobs (which of course you don't answer because you're a good employee....) and when you listen to the voicemail later, you about drop the phone when he says something like,
"Another check from the school came for you..." (MCC has been throwing mail at me like dolla billz at them exotic dancer ladies) "and well, I had to check for you, I mean I had to make sure it was ok's for about, oh 6 or I think more around 7, yeah 700 dollars...."
And that's about all I heard.
Oh, except for this.
"Of course, you probably knew this was coming...."
Nope. Sorry Dad.
Was not aware that MCC was going to drop a buttload of money on my face. But uh, thanks?

And hey. I'm not one to turn my nose up to money. beans.
And now, a list of things I'm too excited for at the moment...

it's appropriate because Harry Potter
Santa, baby.....?

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