Thursday, June 21, 2012

Must. Self. Destruct.

It happened.
I finally did it.

I may or may not have mentioned how I'm legitimately forcing myself to exercise almost every day (somehow, I can't actually consider yoga "exercise". It's more like human-pretzel-palooza and I mostly feel confused and like my organs got all jumbled up inside afterwards...). But I generally do a good job of it. I don't have a gym membership but I do use our movie projector and stream netflix which is surprisingly well stocked with exercise and fitness videos. I randomly chose a five, 10-minute series of kick-boxing routines and it's been treating me well so I stuck with it.
I was very disappointed with my body (and self) when I first started out considering I could hardly get through the "basic training" warm-up routine. Wheezing and coughing I skipped 2-4 and went into the washboard abs sequence and mostly lay sluggish on the itchy carpet watching shiny, buff Keli Roberts show me up to the 10th degree.
But gradually, it got "easier" as I got tougher and more accustomed to pushing myself beyond short-of-breath and oh-my-muscles. So now, like today, I went ahead and tried 4 of the routines back-to-back. Two days ago I attempted going straight through the entire 50 minute (more like an hour) video and found I had to cheat a lot and let myself take a few of the moves "easy". So I had to back up a little.
And thusly, a week and a half later I've lost 5 pounds and have currently hit a brand-new "first" in my life as of today.
I actually, really, legitimately sweated today.
My body does not sweat. My friends call it lucky but I call it halfway-sucky because living in a dry, desert valley would be just the place to have a working network of sweat glands. But I don't. So I mainly stay dry, baking HOT all the time. Even in exercising, PE and playing sports I just get kinda dewy. No sweat.
But I tell ya what, since starting this kick-boxing boot camp thing, every day my body realized more and more that the natural thing to do is to cool itself down and today?
I actually had drops of sweat running down my temples and arms.

You may call out "TMI! Hope, ugh geez!" but I'm kind of in a celebratory mood and I feel like I've just accomplished a great goal that has plagued me my whole life.
Plus I have less back-fat already. HU-FREAKING-ZAAAAH!!

Although, my most recent klutzy accident has not been aiding in my attempt to be healthily active...

Those of you who live in Arizona know that it is our stormy season and just this previous weekend there was a small, baby sandstorm and we had some old couches out in the backyard that needed to be brought inside. Only, our backyard is more like a junkyard storage arena and due to that fact, as I was stumbling around hauling my end of the heavy, fold out bed couch piece I ran into and about tripped over a small pile of junk, culminating in the gashing of my leg on a sharp piece of rusty metal.
I can hear your thoughts right now, "Tetanus!! Booster shot! AAhhhh!" But it's alright. Thanks to some handy-dandy doctor peoples in the fam-bamily we're pretty sure I'm not getting any lethal diseases anytime soon. It does, however, appear as if I've broken my ankle or some such silliness from all the bandaging the hubby keeps forcing me to upkeep.

And if you look back a couple posts you will indeed find that I had previously injured the same leg in a cooking accident resulting in bandaging again. I just love hydrogen peroxide and triple antibiotic ointment! Apparently.

In other news, this weekend is going to be one of the most super fun ones of the summer (thus far) because tonight, well...actually here's a kind of short story about how tonight's gonna go.
Mark works (most days) the typical hours of 9-5 (though, ahem, he usually goes till after 5 which is obnoxious for the good little wifey trying to cook good hot dinners and KEEP THEM HOT....xP) but the drive to work is obnoxiously long considering he has to drive into scottsdale without a legal reason to use the HOV lane. Yaaaay traffic. So he leaves the house a little before 8. So on the good days when we get up together to exercise it's at 6:20 in the morning.
Now that that's clear, we have tickets tonight to the midnight showing of BRAVE and I'm about to stuff this keyboard into my mouth to keep from exploding with excitement. I would eat the whole thing up. Really. But midnight showing and early waking up for 8 full hours of desk job just sounds horrid. So today, when he comes home around 6 we will promptly hang a dark sheet up in our bedroom and take a good restful nap and probably end up having dinner at like 10:30 at night. 
I love date-night adventures!
And then, tomorrow morning I'm travelling with the best friend to north phoenix to the Social Security office once again to act as moral support during the process of changing one's name. And moral support meaning someone there to talk to and laugh with...cuz I'm hilarious and wonderful.
After which we will venture to the gym for a Zumba class! I can't wait, I haven't been to zumba since...a while ago. A long while ago. 
THEN. When Mark gets home tomorrow, we will pack up the truck and head out to Apache lake for a family reunion thing of sorts with his dad's family. I wanna swim, swim, swim till I almost drown and then swim some more.
Action packed lives, we live. Sometimes. Every once in a while (read, "blue moon").
Hopefully I'll take a page out of the besties book and take loads of pictures. Yes, I think I shall.

Go out and climb a tree or something (good luck finding a climbable tree).

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