Wednesday, June 27, 2012

In accordance with the former...

Oh, also.
I has them.

So I do this thing where some entertaining event happens and I have no access to a computer for a while yet so I start drafting a blog post in my head. I'm grinning to myself and possibly chortling because I'm dang funny but unfortunately by the time I get home and have a chance to blog...the funny has been spent up. On myself.
But here goes trying!

The elements seem to harbor resentment towards my attempt to exercise and obtain a healthy body. Firstly, this past weekend the sun burnt me within an inch of sanity (itchy flaky redness all over does not promote calm, zen-ful thoughts) and then today, with the stormy sandy habooby-ness. I did work out 30 minutes this morning with my normal kickboxing routine and that went fine. But tonight I redeemed a fabulous groupon of 2 full months of "unlimited" Zumba for $29 dollars (which I actually got for $19 for some bizarre reason I'm still not sure of but terribly grateful toward). Only problem was, with this whole new "sweating" thing my body has discovered, when I left the class, there was still dust floating around and suddenly I morphed into a human churro.
A gritty, sweaty, salty churro.
If cannibalism was a thing, I'd be a delicacy.
It made driving an interesting achievement. Considering once it dried on my I was all cakey and stiff. And my lips taste really gross. Or at least they did. Obviously I enjoyed a nice cool shower at home.

Anyway. I might end up working myself to death with this Kickboxing-in-the-morning, Zumba-at-Night, Color-Run-Training-inbetween schedule that seems to be developing but maybe in the middle of all that I may end up losing a couple pounds.
Just a couple! That's all I ask. Pleeease!! Plee-hee-heeeease!

(btdubs, ^that was the result of all my sweating and work and still stuck hovering around 150 lbs)

(Yes, I did just share my actual weight on the internet)

(No, I don't regret it or feel embarrassed by it)

(Yes, I DO want it to drop)

The end.



  1. Yes for color-run training! I'm glad me and my friends determination for dirty, messy colorful fun can be transmitted to sister and friends. :) I feel very proud of myself.

    1. Abbey! Are you gonna do it too?? I'm seriously so excited.

    2. Yes i seriously am gonna do it. :)