Saturday, December 10, 2011

Forgive My Ramblings

I just sneezed and my tailbone popped....O_o

There's a small gray and white kitten napping and twitching on my bed. 
It's very hard to type quietly.

ThePianoGuys are at my high school tonight.


They're playing their songs on MY alma mater's stage. 
I still go up there and play on the same piano.

I may or may not just pass out the next time I'm up there.

I'm a little obsessed right now, if ya haven't caught on.

We're doing engagement photos tomorrow morning.
I'm slightly panicking.


My hair has not grown out of it's "pure-stubborn" phase.
I am disappoint.

I love.

I really cannot explain to you how weird and awesomely exhilarating it is to be back at my high school but as a paid accompanist. I'm also experiencing the feeling of, "No way was I that loud and immature and obnoxious in high's just not possible...."
But wait. It is.
Driving in a car with three new kittens that are very confused about this daring adventure they are on is one tricky situation. But we made it home alive. The kitten I was assigned to holding was the most nervous. She didn't seem very comfortable with getting moved around. But finally she kinda nestled into the crook of my arm and eventually started kinda half nodding off. But then she'd pop back awake and stare me right in the eyes, daring me to try any funny business....but then her eyelids would droop again and her head would plop onto my elbow.
MELT MY HEART, why don'tcha?
We got two kitties for our family (my christmas present to daddy, who absolutely adores cats) and also picked up one handsome little fellah for my good friend Allie. Can't wait to take him over to his new home. Super can't wait till I have my own new place and these sweet treasures I'm bringing home will be for me and my hubby.

My parents got the deed for their new (and last) house in the mail!! Woohooo! 

Oh, random moment.
kitty snores!!! guh! cuuuuuuuuute
I'm dying here.
I was actually really confused for a minute.
"What is that NOISE?!??
ohhh, tis just kitty."

So now we finally have a place to hold the reception. The backyard is just PERFECT. It's gonna be fabulous! I'm excited to get to decorating and such.
We're at less than 100 days now! And no I'm not actually counting down the days, just sends me emails all the time about it.

I really have to pee
but I'm afraid if I get up I'll wake kitten
and then he'll be awake
and get lost somewhere in my
Christmas Chernoble room.......
oh mama

It's gonna be a pain moving twice in less than 3 months. But at least most of my stuff is packed from before I left for Disneyland. 
[long pause]
There's really not much to blog about.

Other than kittens!! (There's two in here now.....oh boy)
Let's see how good of a mother I'll be as I keep an eye on two kittens and try to do my hair for the concert tonight with a half inch curling iron cuz I totally know how to use one of these contraptions....
(Hope is muchly confuzzled).
Bahahaha, they're so confused by my computer.
And they absolutely hate our dog. Luckily he's just a yorkshire terrier so he's not gonna gobble 'em up as a snack or nuthin. In fact, the kittens pose more of a threat than he does. One already took a swipe at his poor nose earlier today.
I totally smell potatoes right now. NOOOOOM.
Oh my goodness, synchronized kitty heads.
GUYZ THIS IS TOO CUTE. I'm such a sap.

Done. Posting now. Sorry for the silliness.

HAPPY UPDATE TO YOU ALL! and to all a good day ;) 

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