Saturday, November 26, 2011


Someday (at least I hope), people will remember to be so grateful for all these wonderful things they keep listing when it's NOT 'the season'.
Forgive me. I appreciate your humble gratitude and commend you on realizing how blessed you are but the point is really diminished and mute for me when you post on Facebook how happy you are with your life when the stinkin' Holiday is coming right up.
Tell me how glad you are for your family and friends when you could just strangle your parents or when your friends are fighting and causing some silly drama you're going to forget about by next week. Tell me about your love of freedom and being able to get an education when it's finals week and you'd like to go eat out with your friends but you need to cram for that test early tomorrow morning.
Tell me you're grateful when it counts.
Otherwise? I really couldn't care.
Now, I don't mean ya can't have a list of stuff you're grateful for on Thanksgiving/Christmas, whatever. It just doesn't mean anything to me, personally.

Anyway, my Thanksgiving was pretty darn awesome. Despite the whole six people who were there (again, I'm used to over seventy guests). My mom decided this was the year I'd learn how to make a turkey....

Who ever said it was required to look nice?
No one. 

I won't remember a thing. It's gonna be the worst, most hilarious, terrifying and incredibly shameful thing when I eventually have to attempt my first myself. It's completely different when my mom's there and basically just hands me the stuff to 'chop up and dump in'. I got that, pro-status. But if she left the room stuff would be burnin' up and boiling over all over the stove and someone would end up dead (and it wouldn't be the turkey).
BUT. I am a freakin' legit table setter.

Beautiful, eh? It's ok, I know. You don't need to say anything. Well, except for the fact that my mom brought out all the decorations (tablecloths and Thanksgiving-esque paraphernalia) soooo yeah, as a matter of fact I do wholly fail at housekeeping/hostessing. No big deal.

Ain't he a beaut? Larry, I believe, was his name.

It's been an interesting Black Friday weekend. Really the very first I've ever been directly involved in. Last year was kinda half-there but not really. This year, I met up with Mark at Fry's Electronics (also known as Felectronic Fry's according to the sign on the building) where he and JT had set up the most legit waiting-in-line fort (cuz really, it's so a fort)....

Yeah. We're kind of awesome.
So I got there around 1830-1900 (using military time cuz honestly guys, Black Friday means war). We nibbled on honeyed ham and watched A Knight's Tale and Fifth Element before putting it all away again around 2300 hours. Fry's opened at midnight, which sounds really nice, but lots of things we also needed to get weren't actually for sale till 0600. 
So we got in, split into two groups; divide and conquer style. An employee asked if JT was my husband.
"No, sir. Not that one."
I think he thought I was crazy.
Check this out, we were done gathering up everything we needed at 0012. Twelve minutes. We were good. We got in the checkout line, which was blessedly short and planned what we were going to do until 0600.
But wait! What is this?! We had needed a lot of multiple items so we had 3 of this and 3 of that and by the time we made it to the dude telling us which register to head for Mark finally noticed one of our power supply boxes were missing. Missing!
Some ninja had reached in and yoinked it right out of our basket
It's like it was Black Friday or something!
As annoying and rude as it was, I couldn't help but feel excited to actually experience a real BF (black friday not boyfriend) shenanigan. I'm just disappointed that I forgot about the facepaints. Poo.
So once we through that first time, JT went home cuz he wasn't willing to wait till 0600. Mark, Greg and I put the stuff in the truck (my new [old] baby, pictures to come...someday). Then headed back in for another power supply. We got one of the last few and went right to the checkout line...or what we thought was the checkout line. And it was, but it was the middle of the line rather than the end. This dude gives us a pitying look and points to the floating balloons peeking over the racks way far away on another aisle, "That's the end."
A Christmas Story, line for Santa much? Yeesh.
It took an hour and a half to get through the line and buy our one item we shouldn't've had to come back for. Silly.
By 0200 we were getting hungry so Mark decided he wanted Denny's and handed me his droid phone to find a location near us. But apparently you aren't supposed to click on any of the automatic fill in options cuz then it doesn't show you all of 'em. So we drove quite a few miles to find out that one Denny's has been replaced by a dentist office complex place. Lovely.
Drive some more miles back and find one that has one cook and two servers. Hello waiting half an hour just to be welcomed and then seated. Food was good, though. Driving back to Fry's we passed under the freeway, came up on the parking lot and found a Denny's right on the property
Only idiots don't see stuff like that.
So we laughed like the idiots we are. 
There isn't a facepalm strong enough.

Greg was a walking zombie so we sent him home. It was 0330 so we had some time to catch a quick power nap. Luckily, with the couch amenity we'd both brought some blankets and I had a couple pillows in my car so we were fairly comfortable....
0530 my phone went off and we stumbled out of my car, probably looking like bleary-eyed hobos. Found some more junk for really cheap (mail-in rebates that basically render the item FREE? Heck yes). And when I say 'junk' I mean important stuff that will make life easier as far as technology goes. Close enough.
By the time we were done shopping at 0630 it wasn't even worth it to go home so I just went to Mark's house and we slept for a few hours until noon when we went to SanTan mall and met up with one of my bestest friends from high school and her fiancee. 
Wet Seal tees and cami's, 5 for $20? I'll take 5...literally.
Charlotte Russe 30% off everything and clearance rack? Yeah, I hit that.
Also I'm addicted to scarves so has a new polka-dotty cutie.
Oh and Bath and Body travel size sanitizer bottles 5 for $5? I'll take 10. 

Black Friday = SUCCESS
So doing it all again next year.

Today was one of those days you stand back and give yourself a look over in the mirror and think, "Dang I did a good job this morning. It's like I'm actually pretty or something."
And then you spend the whole day inside and clean and don't see anybody.
Boo and a half.
But it's all better cuz the honey is coming over after work to gobble up some leftovers. I'd say it's worth it. Even though he still calls me beautiful when I've just taken a sunday nap at his house and I wore his clothes cuz sleeping in my [uncomfortable but still gorgeous] dress is just not preferrable and so I wake up with smeared makeup and a tangled hot mess living on my head. There are days I'm sure that boy is delusional. But what the hey, I am too so cool.
I'm grateful for LIFE ;) <3

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