Saturday, December 24, 2011

Fruit Spray?! Sure!!

Happy Christmas Eve afternoon, one and all!! Woohoo!
(even though the whole 'no snow' thing here is still a bugger
I has sonic ice and that's close enough)

I had my first encounter with WebMD last night. And was consequently up till 2 am. The rumors are true; enter in symptoms and come up with CANCER or other such traumatic forms of death. I may or may not go deaf and then die suddenly, so...*crosses fingers*
I'm pretty sure it's just a simple ear infection, though. If that, even. I probably just have a low tolerance for pain as well as severely lacking experience with headaches. This whole throbbing brain syndrome is a new thing for me and I don't like it. Meh. 
But after I read up on brain aneurysms and eardrum implosions and ebola* I needed to find something funny to distract my brain from imagining all the horrific deaths that lie in wait for me, and conveniently enough someone had posted a comic from, as follows....

*(Not that WebMD said I had ebola, that was 
purely for educational purposes)

For the rest, visit HERE
Although consider yourself warned; 
language is less than cleanly and
you may be sucked into the oatmeal vortex of 
laughter and tears.

Just as I was.

It's kind of terrible what the internet can do with time. As in suck it all dry like the meaningless, brain mushifying black hole that it is. Not to mention after that I managed to somehow segue into Whose Line is it Anyway? youtube videos and HELLO. There goes another 3 hours. Or maybe just 2. I don't know.

It's like people don't get that it's Christmas. Or at least don't really understand the concept of shopping on Christmas freaking Eve. Seriously, what were you expecting? We're in Ross and my mom has me stand in line while she continues looking, since the wait to buy your junk is getting to be ridiculous. So I'm just chillin', wondering when my head is ever gonna not hurt ever again, and this lady peeks around the dress rack, at which point the line has extended basically to the back of the store, and mutters murderously, "Oh you've gotta be kidding me..." and motions for [who I assume is] her mother to look. And I shall not repeat the remainder of that conversation. C'mon lady, nobody is happy about it but there's not much anyone can do about it. Except agree to all stagger our shopping earlier and throughout the entire month instead of being the procrastinating Americans we all are..../sigh. Humans put such a damper on my Christmas spirit. Boo and a half. 

I'm using a suitcase to transport the miscellaneous kitchen doo-dad's I've accumulated over the years and put in my hope chest. It looks kinda silly. My mom and I laughed about trying to pass that baggage through the airport; with a muffin tin sticking out the pocket in the front and boxes of steak knives and a huge honkin' butcher knife and nut chopper contraptions....I might have a spot of trouble.
Not that I'm actually going to the airport or anything, just the fact that it's luggage filled with this stuff. But it works, and it's padded so the glass pie pans and stuff are less likely to just shatter. 
I have so much STUFF. I didn't even realize. And I'm proud to say about 5 of the 11 or so boxes I've packed so far are full of just books :) I love me my books. Plus, BONUS!! My family is moving as well; parents downsizing cuz of all the kids moving out, and so my mom's getting rid of bunches of stuff and I got to pilfer through all the books and save the good ones. Nicked some C.S. Lewis, Jane Austen, Laura Ingalls, Mark Twain, Jack London and the Complete Adventures of Curious George in a huge yellow book. Amongst other random treasures.

I feel like I need to keep reminding people that, well, this is basically my Diary. I'm not a mommy blog, I'm not a comedian with awesome Paint-drawn pictures and hilarious stories of my amazing wit, and I'm definitely not a crafting blog. I don't travel and I don't live abroad, I don't have awesome recipes to constantly post about and good luck ever getting an uplifting message out of my daily drivel. I'm pretty sure half of my page-views are simply from me going back to read up on what happened such-and-such day. And basically I'm apologizing for being so terribly boring and monotonous and mediocre. SO yeah, sorry.

Btdubs, look at my new hair--

My mom was stubbornly against cutting me some straight bangs.
Apparently we tried them when I was little.....
They musta not gone very well.

Look what Pinterest has done to me. 
Except minus the shoes. Whatever.

And now I bid thee.....

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