Monday, December 19, 2011

Prepare for Jealousy

So here's the dealio. My life rocks and I'm glad I'm living.

The end.

But seriously. Sunday was the best thing EVAR; Mark and I both finally got to attend church after a few horrid weeks of not making it, although we had to go to different wards. I went and accompanied one of the nicest, friendliest, hilarious-est, most talented families I know (full double quartet of immediate family, buh!), and Mark  went and did tithing settlement // figured out how I'm supposed to get my church records back into the correct ward.
But that's a different story.
We got together after we were both done with churchly duties and he studied whilst I snored on the couch. Twas lovely.
(Speaking of studying, he totally pwned his Cisco certification exam!! 
WOOHOO!! My baby's kind of a technological genius, that's all.)

But then he woke me up because we were going to my brother and sister-in-law's house for a sort of family christmas-y get together thingmajig. We ate bacon wrapped meatloaf and mashed potatoes and shrimp and pumpkin pie till it was sickening....literally. Then we ended up sitting off by ourselves in the other room conversing on what we liked about these Gilbert homes. Cuz see, we'd gotten there kind of early (like, 15 minutes early) so we pulled up Zillow on his phone and just engaged in creeper mode and drove around to glance at the houses in the area. New favorite way to kill time? (Good enough for now......heh heh)
After the party, however, we swung by my house so I could change into NOT-a-fitted-dress and grab It's A Wonderful Life and went back to his house again. It was our first time watching the movie together (both having grown up watching it each Christmas as a family tradition) and can I just say, it's nice to have those moments of "Yeah! There it is! THAT'S why I'm marrying you!" 
Who else will sit there and cry with me when poor young George is getting his sore ear boxed even though he just saved Mr. Gower from killing people and being sent to jail? Who else will purposefully off-sing "Buffalo Gals" with me and the movie? Who else won't yell at me and/or hate me for continually quoting right along with the movie? And when else would I get those hugs that aren't just a hug, they're that excited motion of "I love you so much right now and I can't hold it back but there aren't words so I'm just gonna squeeze you real tight"? Love it. LOVE IT! Not only that but that movie finally eased Mark's mind a little bit about our upcoming struggle as we attempt to conjoin our lives. We may not be perfect at it and we won't have the best of everything right off the bat, but we'll be working through it together and that's what is important.
Plus he opened up a bottle of Martinelli's Cranberry sparkling cider and it was positively delightful. Have I mentioned I love Christmas? Well, I do.
Then he let me stay till midnight so I could open up my birthday present! Which I basically about died once I got the wrapping off and saw what it was.

If you don't know what that is then no worries, you've only completely missed out on LIFE. But it's ok, I will edumacate you (poor soulless heathen that you are); he got me a Firefly spaceship keychain and I'm a bit of an obsessed dork when it comes to Firefly. We watched a silly, obscure movie last night just because Nathan Fillion was in it. Scratch that, we bought the silly, obscure movie and then watched it. Made prior his Captain Hammer days. So young and handsome. Sigh.
And here's a better shot of that lovely bag you see...

As a matter of fact, NO, I don't have enough mismatched blankets. 
Is it just me or does it bear uncanny resemblance to Flynn Rider's 'precious satchel'? And when I say 'uncanny' I mean that it looks nothing like his bag but I feel like it could/should and that's pretty darn awesome. 
So Firefly and Tangled (and a gorgeous framed temple picture, and a minnie mouse apron, and bath salts, and a scarf I will wear tomorrow) basically make for the best birthday ever. But yeah! So Monday was my 21st birthday. I can now legally drink and get stoned and own property. What a fitting combination of rights. I went out to Floridino's with the fiancee and a couple friends of ours for lunch (if you've never been, they have the most AMAZING calzones, I kid you not). Which was muchly entertaining. No pictures though, sorry. Unfortunately, the day had to be cut short because I had a choir concert out in Gold Canyon. Which was also awesome. Funny how much resent I can feel towards a gig before it starts but once I'm there and get on with the program, it's so totally worth it every time. Funny and really convenient. It's nice not to hate what ya plan to do for your living.
And today, I discovered a secret, hidden super-talent. My left-hand is astonishingly adept at painting along baseboards and doorframes. Like, I am pro-status guys. Legit skillz going on up in here. We're painting my parent's new house this week and I'm having a lot of fun with it. Besides the smell--hello, migraines. I'm also having a lot of fun swiping my brush along my sister's exposed indecency while she's crouched on the floor concentrating on rolling her paintbrush the right way....
Sis: [squeals]
Mom: What in the world?!?
Sis: [laughing uncontrollably]
Me: Nuthin. Just paint in the crack.
Mom: [silence].....[head falls forward and shoulders start shaking]

Laughter is the best, isn't it? Had another concert just tonight as well. More stories there but I can't prattle on and on and on about my life in one whole shebang, right? Gotta save some stuff for later. 

I just really enjoy life.
That's all.

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  1. hahaha you're so funny! I'm so happy that you're happy and that you found your prince! Also, I'm sorry I'm so cheesy!!! haha!!!!