Wednesday, November 23, 2011


We've been that family that gets 70+ people together, crams 'em all in one house [insert awkward metaphor for stuffing inside a turkey] and commence the face stuffing!!
This year?
Mom, Dad, sister(s), brother, grandma and dog. Question on the 'sister(s)' cuz one might not even show resulting from Black Friday events. It's just our immediate family this year. Which, by societal standards, isn't that weird at all. But to me? It's freaky weird.
I won't answer the door every two minutes, sometimes just creepily waiting behind the door for people to come up and ring the bell since I saw them getting out of their cars but wanted to avoid the awkward "I'm standing here watching y'all approach and my face doesn't know how to conduct itself so I probably look like the poor turkey did before he got his neck chopped off and body plucked and....." well, you get the point.
We won't eat at one so there will be time to chat off the food baby, pack ourselves like sardines in a sardine can into the living room so we can do our annual family talent show (basically all the 5 year olds plunking out their beginning-beginners piano tunes and pausing for 5 whole minutes, staring at the keyboard in silence when they forget where they are in the song...then start over again) (and then the actual accomplished pianists, but I love that part).
There won't be any football in the home theatre, or barbies/dress-up, or cool knick-knacky crafts and there for sure won't be a communal watching of some Disney/Pixar flick such as Finding Nemo or Cars or one of the new awesome ones that have come out.

Thanksgiving in Utah was the best thing ever.
I totally took it for granted. Sad sauce.
I'm also pretty sure the Hostess-monster inside my mom is currently shriveling up and dying a sad, miserable death since she has no swarm of guests to cater to. Just us 5 people. Maybe my fiancee. Maybe. Poor, poor woman.

On a brighter note! Yesterday was the definition of AWESOME.
Ever heard of 'Desert Bus for Hope'? Yeah, I didn't think so []. There's a group of people up in Canada who host and have hosted a gamer marathon fundraiser for a charity called Child's Play, who give games to terminally ill children. They hang out in a basement, somebody plays desert bus (an awfully boring game consisting of driving a bus down a completely straight road from 'tucson' to 'las vegas') for hours on end and they take in donations and auction off some super cool items, have special guests and junk. They're on a live webcam and Mark has officially gotten me fully on the desertbus-boat (...o.O)
Being on said boat, when Mark called me Tuesday morning saying, "These dudes are driving from Tucson to Las Vegas in a big van and have prizes for anybody who stops them along the way. They're going down the I-10! We should do it!!" we both basically jumped at the chance. Especially considering they were embarking LIVE and they had awesome t-shirts included in the prizes. And how convenient! They were meeting someone at IKEA in tempe. Now we have to go.
He came and picked me up, we had a super stressful quicky fast quest to find some club soda ("clubbing" is sort of a phenomenon) but to no avail. I worked to keep Mark calm so he would drive like a not-crazy person and we could stay living, cuz that sounds really nice to me. I like life. We tried to keep up with what was going on in the basement up in Canada as well as the van travelling down the road using Mark's phone but the connection was quite dumb and the last thing we caught as we were taking the freeway exit to IKEA was the dudes leaving the building and showing the internets their nifty fat van they were travelling in and then oh, no!!! His phone went to poop. We scanned over the [monstrous] parking lot, looking for any van and picked out two that could possibly be it. We got out and went inside, looking really awkward as we had no clue where we should go or look or even if the people were still there.
We went back outside, Mark attempted connecting with his phone again and while he was distracted I heard a male's voice behind me saying something that I don't remember but at the time it sparked my brain and said, "Pay attention! These guys sound like nerds...."
I smacked Mark on the arm and he looked up and shouted, "Hey! It's you guys!"
We're such a good creeper-team.
So all in all, we found the people, they were super nice and fun to talk to. They had actually forgotten their prizes at home so I traded my high school '20 years of tradition' (that's actually spelled wrong and says 'traditon') musicals shirt for the little dudes Desertbus shirt and we were on the interwebz! Like, in the tubes! Sweeeeet.
Also, it was really entertaining to see Mark so nervous. He was shaking afterwards. Woot adrenaline!!

It's freakin' legit. I tell ya what.

We so exci-i-ted.

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  1. Just sayin', husbands totally don't drive any better after you get married. If anything, they drive worse and just make sure you put your seatbelt on.