Saturday, May 7, 2011

Radiation? Kryptonite? yesh pleashe

Some people are born with super-powers. Some talk to animals, some grow green things like they were Mother Earth herself and some can blow multiple hours of the day like Time Travel by getting on the computer (or maybe we're ALL blessed with that special, special gift).
I can bake a fantabulous cake even after screwing up the entire recipe process. It's legit. And I'm not talking out-of-a-box fake cake--I mean pull down the falling apart, perfect 30's housewife Betty Crocker cookbook and start with sifting the dry ingredients.
Sometimes, they're really awful mistakes. Like, "Wait a second...was that baking SODA or POWDER??...oh boo" or even, "What?! They wanted me to put cream of tartar in it?...isn't that supposed to go on fish??" (cream of tartar NOT the same as tartar sauce. btw.) Other times it's as simple as, "Doo-do-doooo, pouring batter into the pan, wheeeeee....DANG IT!! Forgot to grease and flour it" /FACEPALM.
I'm really dumb sometimes.
But the mistakes get fixed, conversions are found, magic tricks performed and voila! Stick it in the oven and set the timer. Somehow, they always come out pretty darn good.
Disclaimer: I'm 20, mkay? When I say "pretty darn good" and "fabulous" I mean relatively speaking. Don't come knocking wanting some 5-star confection that tastes like it was made from Heaven's clouds. Ain't gonna happen, sorry.
I also haven't made the same cake twice, yet. It's too much fun to try a new cake, see how it goes then eat to my tummy's delight (or distress if there's no one to share with. Too much cake = BLARG). Once I've expended my recipe options I already know I'm going back and making this Butterscotch Fudgy scrumdiddleyumptious manifestation I procured a few months ago.
At this point you may be asking if this post has a point....kinda sorta maybe a little but actually no. Mostly I made a cake yesterday (One Egg Marbled) and I had this genius "lightbulb" moment of making a "cake" segment for this blog (think Gru).
BUT! Here's a stretch of a moral for ya. Mistakes are inevitable. If you're so exactly careful enough to avoid mistakes of any sort the fun gets all drained away. Not to mention mistakes help us learn. Learning goooood. Make brain better. And to top it all off, it turns out just fine in the end anyway. So big whoop if a couple steps went awry somewhere in the middle there, stick it out to the end and enjoy the satisfaction of completing something. Whether it be a cake, school or life.
Woot cake.

Oh, story behind the cake. So, my boyfriend is really super cool and got a job with cuz he's a computer nerd and I love him. It's been a scary period of unemployment so this job is kind of an answer to lots of prayers. Thus, the celebration cake! yay!

And now, for your benefit...Creepy Jesus:

The end.

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