Thursday, July 24, 2014

Halloween Pitch

I'm seriously gonna keep pushing this guys. This is srsbsns.

I had such a good time last year utilizing Mickey's Halloween Party, I really cannot emphasize it enough. But I'm sure gonna try. So here's a general idea of what to expect from the event:

Relative to a one-day, one-park ticket (around $98 now) the tickets to Mickey's Halloween Party (here on out signified by MHP) are in the range of $55-70 depending on the day of the week and the particular weekend. You can get $14 off with annual passes. The actual event goes from, most days, 7pm to midnight but you're allowed in about three hours prior and they start herding out the rest of the park around 4pm.
It's advertised as an event for kids, but that shouldn't be surprising I mean it's freaking Disneyland. Obviously. The trick-or-treating is rather silly, I grant you. But it's dang good candy and they also throw in healthy items such as dried fruit packs and some granola bars (which were [singsong] awwwesooome to save for the next day in the park as sustaining snacks, btdubs).

(pic stolen from Allora) ;)

BUT! The main attraction of MHP is the fact that because you have to have the special ticket to be admitted and they close the park for the event, the volume of people is drastically lower than it would be normally. There are special parades and shows (that are fan-freaking-tabulous) that distract the families with youngsters so that the lines for the big ticket rides are so. short. Seriously, I feel like I'm letting you in on a big secret here (which is totally counter-productive, I know, so sshhhh), we basically walked onto Space Mountain and Indiana Jones and Splash Mountain.

(if you're viewing this on your cellular device,
I apologize for the size of these videos)

You are allowed to dress up and I gotta say, it is an absolute riot to be in costume in one of the most intricately detailed theme parks in the world. People are so creative and appreciative of good outfits so it's a general feel-good atmosphere.

Pay no heed to my churro (and turkey leg, and corn dog) food baby.

Also, if you're into this sort of thing, the character costuuuuumes omg they're so cool. Characters like the Fab Five (Mickey, Minnie, Goofy, etc) have special outfits that they wear specifically for MHP. No other times of the year. So getting photos with them in their fancy garb is a really cool feature. And for general characters that don't look any different, it's the first time I've ever waited in line to meet a character and it basically made my life. See how excited I am? It looks like I'm about to pee my space leggings...

In conclusion, when we went last year, we were heading back to our hotel room at the end of the night and just marveling at how perfectly it allowed us to enjoy the park, get to everything we wanted to experience, but didn't feel like we had crammed or rushed around.
It really is such a special way to experience the park and I cannot wait to do it again. Originally, when Ali let me in on the plan she and her family had for this year, my mom and sister and I were just planning on doing three normal days in the parks but when I told Mark (who didn't even go with us last year and won't be joining us again this year because he's made of stone and just kinda "eh" about Disney theme parks) about it he asked,
"So you're doing the Halloween party again, right?"
Flummoxed I said, "Well no not really..." but he countered,
"Well it's such an awesome deal there's really no reason not to, right?"
So if my unenthused husband is arguing for it, it's got to be amazing!

Please come with me.

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