Thursday, June 26, 2014

#ThrowbackThursday Oopsie

Author's Note: Kay, literally, I've edited this stupid post three separate times now. But life keeps getting in the way and then I don't upload it on Thursday, so then I rewrote it for "flashbackfriday" but then we went out of town so I re-rewrote it for the next thursday forgetting that we were leaving early thursday morning for the whole weekend and now I'm just so done with this dumb thing, I will not be re-writing any of it. Good luck with continuity.

We all knew this was coming.
I did well for three weeks, let's just appreciate that fact for a moment.
Okay here's your next installment of #ThrowbackThursday
a "week late" (see? toldja, three weeks late now) technically
because I suck
and I forgot to do it last week.
The night I was supposed to do it
I was already all cuddled up in bed with my book
and very pressing matters (read: chapters) to attend to.

I have a problem.
It's called Book-Induced Insomnia Syndrome.

Apparently I'm a life-long sufferer.
Look what a pretentious baby I was though,
dat book title, yo.
The Federal Reserve blah-blah-something

Kay, just appreciate for a moment
how much effort it took for me to
get that edit uploaded.
Technologically impaired right hurr.
I musta sat on it or something.

Happy Throwback Thursday!

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